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Okay, so I have mono and will be spending my days at home, probably not doing a lot. This means I'll probably be updating RPs all the time, or just goofing around on the internet. Therefor, I am looking for RP partners for one x one RPs!

I don't care what the plots are, or genres, or whatever! (Well, maybe. You'll have to ask) So if you have a RP you've been dying to try out, I'm probably your best bet if you haven't had any takers so far. I'm a blank canvas, in that any character I create is uniquely suited to both the RP and you. So tell me what you want, I'll give it to ya! (With a little added personality, of course)

So! If you're interested, leave a reply or send me a PM!



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I have some ideas in my blog, if you are interested in any of them it's just to tell me ;) I wrote the most of them in a bit of a hurry so some of them are a bit random and fuzzy xD it's work-in-progress, things can be changed and such. :9
So if you feel interested in some plot but wants to discuss it a bit and change it then it's totally fine :9 I'm flexible ^^