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  1. First Disclaimer
    Yes a Vet and a Specialist has already been seen, I'm not just looking for random E-Diagnosis/treatments. And I'm not just taking any advice at face value, everything being looked at with a sceptical eye (and medical consultation if needed).

    Second Disclaimer
    This isn't a sympathy or feel bad thread. I'm just trying to branch out and get as many options as possible (reasons detailed below).

    Third Disclaimer
    I tend to avoid this section like the plague, but with a situation like this I'm just going to swallow that reluctance.


    So! The Problem.

    Well to start with it's been known by us for a long time that our Dog was blind (technically speaking, 14% vision in one eye, 0% in the other). But for the last several years the Vet's kept saying it was Cataracts, and giving a eye drops to try to address, and more recently proposed the slight possibility of eye surgery to remove it.

    Fast forward to earlier this week when he get's to a Specialist Appointment. Turns out he was developing a case of Glaucoma (on top of the Cataracts) for those several years, and now what was originally a "get a chance to restore his vision" turned into "fight to avoid his eye needing to be fucking removed".

    And now we have four different medications going on at once to try to address this. Details in the spoilers for those who care/find it relevant.

    Details (open)

    1. Ketorolac 0.5% ophthalmic solution
    1 drop to be applied to each eye twice a day.

    2. Xalatan ophth
    1 drop to be applied to ONLY the eye with the Glaucoma twice a day (messing up risks damaging the other eye).

    3. Dorzolamide 2% / Timolo 0.5% Ophth Soln
    1 drop to be applied to each eye three times a day.

    4. Tramadol HCI 20mg Tablets
    1 Tablet to be applied every 8-12 hours.

    Side note: Note he is a Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix), so not a big dog.

    So, why am I sharing this?

    Basically I'm wondering if anyone here has been in similar situations before, was there anyone different they saw which helped? Is there any insight that can be provided from experience with the matter? Is there something as simple as getting certain vitamins that could give some tiny way of help?

    Or even something as simple as pill techniques. Cause right now everything we've tried has failed in that regard, he refuses to eat it. Though I was very recently advised to use wet foods, which I'm going to try once this post is up.

    Is this likely stupid of me to be posting? Yes.
    Am I likely to get everyone saying they don't know, or giving bogus, pseudo advice? Probably.
    Is there any harm in at least gathering a little bit of extra information though? No.

    So any help that can be provided would be appreciated.
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  2. I can't say I've been through exactly what you're going through, nor can I offer up advice for things such as future techniques and the like for your dog - however, over the years, pill feeding my dog has been an issue as well.

    What I find helps most is putting the pill/wrapping the pill, in a slice of meat or cheese. Generally, the dog is unaware of the pill if it's hidden properly and will often just suck back the meat/cheese without second thought.

    I hope this helps, Gwazi, and I hope your doggo gets better ♥
  3. Updated.

    Only wet food I could find in the house was mushed banana. Tried that, he wasn't taking it.
    Tried slathering it over hot dogs, he took it... Kind of.

    It was an insanely inefficient method, two whole hot dogs and only half of the pill was taken.
    And that's assuming he actually ate all the banana on it, where I spotted a good amount of it left behind on the couch.

    So... I managed to get him 1/4 of a pill, maybe?
    Better than 0 at least.
    That's something we did with other pills in the past and it worked like a charm.
    This one specifically though he's refusing all the usual methods.

    I should probably be listing said methods so people know what's been attempted already:

    1. Putting it in the middle of peanut butter and cheese
    2. Putting it in the middle of peanut butter and meat
    3. Putting it in the middle of pasta (like ravioli but not quite. Has a meat like centre we fit the pill inside of)
    4. Pretending to eat the pill
    5. Offering him the food, then pulling it back. Do this multiple times to tease him into wanting what he can't get

    So yea... He really doesn't want this pill. :/
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