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  1. I prefer to be called Red. I am a boy. I am 15 years old. I'm sort of new to this site, but not to role-playing.

    I rather be in a role-playing group with a rowdy but accepting bunch, and I think solo role-playing can get boring.

    Now for the "HELP WANTED" title of this thread.. I am looking for a person who could educate me in fighting using a sword of course in role-play. Thank you for your time, Reader(s).
  2. Welcome to the site Red. I am Hollow.
    I am here to say welcome but I'm not sure i can help you with the sword stuff.
  3. If you can't help me, it's fine, your greeting shall suffice!
  4. You could ask my friend @Crono
  5. Thank you for your recommendation, I will see to it that I ask him!
  6. Welcome to the Site Red!
    You are Level 1: Freshie

    Anyways, I saw your Help Wanted thread while I was searching in the Forums, & I will be very glad to teach you about sword fighting in an RP
    I am MelodiousLime, & I will try to teach you how to, but, I see that you tried to ask Crono so try to P.M me if you want my advice. Thanks :raven:
  7. Hallo Red, welcome to the site! :D
  8. Welcome to Iwaku, Red.

    For help with the specifics of sword fighting, I would suggest you make a thread in the Class Discussion section of the Roleplay Institute, using the Combat Discussion prefix. There don't appear to be any sword-specific workshops in the Institute main section, but the Combat Workshops that exist might be worth a look anyway.
  9. Thank you :3
  10. Thank you very much for your suggestion, my thread has been created!
  11. Welcome Blue!...... wait........ err....
  12. It's Red but you were close :bsmile:
  13. Welcome to the community Red! :3
  14. Thank you :D
  15. Welcome Red! As for help with hand to hand/sword play in roleplaying, I'd stop by the Roleplay Institute where we have many great exercises that will help you ^.^

    Happy Playing!