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  1. Working on a cell so bear with me.
    addendum: i need an admin/mod to help me with an iwakuverse Rp. details are in the group thread for listing iwakuverse stories
    please help...any or all and thanks in advance
  2. This doesn't belong in the Mentoring Request thread. New thread ahoy! *Presses buttons*

    Not sure if this really belongs in the Academy either, so I'll contact a Staffer for you. ;]
  3. Staffers wanted......wanted right here....hihi

    uhhhh, anyway.

    Iwaku: Abbadon
    Summary: Planning stage- A skew from the timeline has things really confused. The knights still exist but for some reason their masked king wish to hunt for the body of Rory. As it may turn out the king is Azazel. But he is not the puppeteer. And to further muck things up, it seems as though something is attempting to free Paorou by " expanding the mirror"

    This was my idea. I had it in the thread that lists current Iwaku stories. But he didnt like that. So I was hoping that someone would be interested in helping creat this.

    Also I had another idea this morning.

    Iwaku: Red Dawn
    Summary: (Mature) Tales of the Crimson tide foretold of the outbreak of Valentine Fever. But nobody ever really believed them. That was until the soulmates stopped doing what they were supposed to, and started acting on their own. But they are not actually acting on their own. They have a leader, a beautiful leader. A deadly leader, and she has come to show the soulmates the way to paradise.

    *slide-tackles Envyverse*

  5. The Iwaku Mythos in a Mature genre? I'm not sure that's the best idea... Mythos RPs tend to be grand-scale, epic adventures with a large player base. Group Mature RPs are tricky to run as is, unless you're looking for an unmitigated orgy- and even then, those tend to burn bright and fast before snuffing themselves out. I wouldn't advise it.

    Now, if you're simply looking for a plot revolving around Soulmates, the power of the Sacred Feminine, and the Crimson Tide... I think we've already got that covered. ;]
  6. When did that one occur? Sigh, oh well i suppose I'm not ready. Are the ages themselves in the rp graveyard?
  7. I'd recommend playing in a few Iwaku World RPs before trying your hand at running one, brosef. They're a pain in the proverbial testicles to run, believe me.
  8. I didn't start my own Iwaku roleplay until a year after I first joined the site and I still don't know everything. =/ Read up on the lore and play in games. Basically what Grumpy said.
  9. I've read the lore and most of what i should know. but it leaves much wanting for details . id be glad to join but they're all full at the moment...unless yall have something fer me.

    also my iwaku world char hasn't yet been approved...
  10. ...and.... have you joined the Vault War... where we're currently making a new Mythos?

    *waves puppets at Enyverses*
  11. 0.0 oooooh shiny puppets! *bites and tastes their clothlike material*
  12. I assume you are talking about approved in the mythos immersion group. That's just a sounding board and a place for accumulated characters or core concepts. You get approved in each individual mythos RP.
  13. Hmm, well I did not know that. But as far as Ive seen they posted mythos characters havent appeared in recent incarnations of Iwaku RPs.

    For example Lets say Asmo has his stats in the pool...but he posts a character different from the Iwaku world char. in the which this new non-him char. is tailored to the rp as in any other non world rp
  14. You don't have to have that exact character in every game, but many times people do have their Iwaku selves in IW RPs. But each IW RP is different. It makes no sense to play a fairy in a mecha game. Well, most of the time. So the core concept has to be adapted.

    *kicks Enyverses down the stairs*
  16. I ehhhhhhh stairs hurt!

    The vault war looks complicated
  17. And working out the 5 year background of a collaborative Mythos spanning 4 ages of multiversial meta-existence ISN'T?

    59 players don't seem to find it too complicated.
  18. Reading a 5 year mythos isn't hard if you know what to read.

    making an rp war based off my views and replies thread, and i can only move once a day..up one thread...
    and with the rebirth system there's no way to loose.
    and the whole 'my thread has a car get in and turn all others into roadkil' seems undefined
  19. Oh well. Sucks to be me.
  20. Since this is a discussion thread for getting help with the Iwaku Mythos, it might be better to discuss the pros and cons of the Vault War system elsewhere. :]