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  1. This is a 1x1 roleplay between @Chello and @Klutzy Ninja Kitty


    Late one evening, a mysterious, cloaked woman wearing a mask walked along a busy dirt road, gazing at the castle of Oak Haven Kingdom in the distance. She needed to go there to take care of some business, but a trip to the castle would take a week maybe more if the weather was bad. That wasn’t the only problem either. She would need help to make it there. The lands were full of monsters, dragons, bandits, and thieves, making it difficult for a woman to travel alone.

    Pondering these things, she turned around and walked back into the closest town, entering the local tavern. She wrote a request for someone to help her and posted it on the odd jobs bulletin board. She then went and sat at a table, waiting for someone to come offer her some help. She didn't have much to reward her help with at this time, but she knew if she were to complete her task she would be able to reward her help with whatever they may have wanted. The young woman just hoped there would be someone out there actually willing to help...​
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  2. Visiting the small town was a rather different visitor, the young man had raven black hair, strange looking armour with a green flowing cape. His gold horned helmet sat on the table in front of him, this young man was Loki an Asgardian prince. He was visiting, rather getting away from his father for a little while. His father, the king and protector of the worlds always upset Loki. Loki wasn't physically strong like his older brother, he lacked the certain muscle of a true warrior and he could never really live up to his father's expectations. Despite Loki's slender frame this didn't mean he wasn't a good warrior, he relied on his skill with magic and his agility to get him through a battle.

    Loki politely asked the barkeep for another drink as he needed it, he quietly studied the people around him. They seemed to vary from merchants to knights, there was however someone who caught his attention a woman who just wandered in. There was something about her, something that told him she needed help. For now he would just wait and see.
  3. @Chello

    Because she was sitting in a darker section of the tavern and wearing a crimson red cloak, the woman's features were hidden for a moment. However, when she eventually stood up and made her way over to the bar to refill her drink, her deep ash gray eyes were visible from behind the red mask she wore. The sight of Loki immediately caught her eye. She had never seen a man wearing that kind of armor before. He almost looked out of place to her. She sat by him, but said nothing to him at first, however, and spoke with the barkeep.

    "Did anyone even look at my request yet?" she asked.

    The barkeep shook his head and chuckled. "Afraid not. Maybe you should try being a little more descriptive with the exact task you want done and how much you're willing to pay. These roads are dangerous. Not just any man will be comfortable wandering them by himself to protect a single woman."

    "Well there has to be someone," she replied, with a sigh before glancing at Loki. "Maybe someone like this man who seems prepared for a fight. Someone with armor and hopefully wit."
  4. Loki couldn't help but hear that the woman needed help and that she mentioned him, Loki's mother always taught him that if anyone was in trouble that if he could he should help them. Standing up Loki finished his drink and then turned his attention to the woman, "I can help you out." He spoke up, "what is your request my lady?" Loki asked in a very polite manner, he smiled kindly at her. Perhaps if he could help this young woman out it would prove to his father that he is strong willed, that he doesn't need muscle to complete a task all he needs is his mind and his magic.
  5. @Chello

    The woman smirked, looking at the barkeep when Loki offered to help. "I told you someone would help eventually!" She paused and turned to Loki. "Are you sure you want to help? I mean, you haven't even heard my request is yet. It's actually a bit dangerous. I need a traveling companion, an escort to take me to Oak Haven Kingdom. It's a week or two journey from here and I will pay whoever helps me." She rubbed the back of her head. "So far, I've had no takers."
  6. Loki smiled at her, "I will be happy to escort you there my lady and there is no need to reward me. I can assure you that I am the type of man to do these things for no charge." Loki responded, "whenever you'd like to leave just say the word." Loki picked up this helmet and held it in his hand, the gold shined like it had been freshly polished.
  7. @Chello

    The woman was surprised by Loki's offer, not to mention a little suspicious. She hoped he wasn't drunk and just saying things. "You don't even know my name. What if I'm some strange woman who tries to mug you in the woods!?" she said with a gasp. "I'm surprised you're so trusting."

    The barkeep in the background laughed. "A woman mugging an armored man isn't something I can picture happening."
  8. Loki laughed, "my mother always taught me that whenever someone needed a helping hand I should offer it to them, unless you are planning to kill me, mug me and leave my body in the woods somewhere. Then.." Loki smiled, "but I suppose I should know your name and what your request is first."
  9. Shooting a frown at the barkeep for his tease, the woman sighed. "Very well, sir. Perhaps we can go speak somewhere private? At a table, maybe? I feel someone is listening to us," she said, glaring at the barkeep. "My name is--well, you can call me... Della," she said with a nod. The way she worded her sentence suggested that it wasn't her real name. She had secrets to keep right now, after all.

  10. Loki nodded and walked her to a table towards the back of the pub, "Well Della my name is Loki. Now that we have established our names and are in a more private location, what can I do for you?" Loki asked, he could tell that she was hiding something but didn't press for answers perhaps she was in trouble and didn't want to draw trouble to her.
  11. @Chello

    Della went to take a seat at a table, gesturing for Loki to sit with her. She pulled down the hood of her cloak so he could see her face a little better. She had dark brown hair and a light complexion. It didn't look as if she spent a lot of time out in the sunlight. "I need an escort to Oak Haven Kingdom. That's about the only important piece of information you'll need to know for now," Della stated, drumming her fingers on the table. "It's about a two week journey at the most. All I need is protection, basically. It's not safe for woman to travel alone so I really need someone to keep me safe and basically make sure I make it there alive and unharmed." She tilted her head before asking, "Are you sure you don't want some kind of reward? I don't have anything to offer you right now, but when we arrive I can pay you with anything you want."
  12. Loki listened to her story carefully, and he carefully thought about it. He wanted to go on an adventure, "I'm sure. So when do you want to leave?" Loki asked, "we can leave now if you'd like."
  13. @Chello

    Della was surprised when he seemed so sure. Could she really trust this man? She really wasn't certain. However, it wasn't as if she had many options left. Nobody else had taken the job and she really needed to leave soon, at least by tomorrow morning. "Well, considering it's late we could always wait until morning. Will you still be up for it then?" she asked.
  14. "Of course, now is there somewhere we could stay for the night. I'm not from around here and I didn't make any arrangements for staying for a long period of time," Loki asked as he stood up from his seat. He could tell that she wasn't so sure of him, she probably thought he was crazy for agreeing to such a request.
  15. @Chello

    Della shrugged. "I'm actually not from the area myself, but I know that every small town like this one usually has an inn. We can just ask the barkeep where it is and he should give us directions." She stood up from the table and began to walk over to the barkeep, asking him the location of the inn before speaking with Loki again. "Do you have money to pay for a room?" she asked him. Della only had a little bit of money on herself right now. It was just enough to afford some traveling supplies and maybe a few other things like the occasional room at an inn.
  16. Loki followed her, "yes I do enough for us to stay the night and really anywhere we need to rest during out trip." He explained, and once Della received the directions on where the inn was he led the way out walking to the small little in on the corner. Loki greeted the innkeeper with a friendly smile, "we would like a room with two beds please." He spoke.

    "Of course, coming up." The innkeeper responded and handed Loki the key while Loki handed him a handful of money, Loki then smiled at Della and once again led the way up the stairs and down the hallway looking for the room number stated on the wooden key chain, the room wasn't much but it would do for the night.
  17. Della folded her arms behind her back and followed after Loki, surprised when he paid for the room himself. "I could have offered a little money to help pay for it, you know?" she said, walking after him. She made her way to the room with him and entered, looking around at the area. It was essentially what they paid for. It was a small, plain room with just two beds in it. Della had definitely slept in better places, but this would do for now. "Anyhow, we should probably get some rest. We can talk more in the morning during the trip," she said, going over to the bed. She was a little uncomfortable sleeping in the same room as a stranger, but he didn't seem to be up to anything mischievous so she decided not to worry about if for now.
  18. "It's alright, I'm not hurting for money. Let's just say that my family is well off," Loki responded not wanting to give away who he was at least not yet, he took off his armour and placed his helmet on the table near a window leaving just a pair of thin pants. "I will see you in the morning, have a good sleep." He smiled before climbing into bed and closing his eyes slowly falling sleep.
  19. Della's mind raced with questions when Loki mentioned his family being well off. If he was well off, what was he doing wandering around a poor little town taking a job from a woman? As much as she wanted to ask him why, she went to her bed and decided to go to sleep for now. She took her cloak off and mask, lying them next to the bed. "Very well, good night," she told him, making her bed up before climbing in and going to sleep.

    The next morning, Della was awoke by a few rays of sunlight peering in from the window and hitting her face. She groaned and stretched her arms, sitting up in bed after a few moments. Her hair stuck in all different directions. She had a major case of bed head. "Hey, stranger, are you awake?" she called out, asking to see if Loki had woken up yet or not.
  20. Loki opened his eyes and looked at her, "hey good morning." He smiled and sat up in bed, "how about we get something to eat before we go and we can discuss more details about our adventure." Loki got out of bed and put his armour and helmet back on, "unless you are eager to leave now."
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