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*WARNING: Bad description below.*

In the midst of the school year, five new kids get enrolled (they often move a lot). From the moment they get there they are close, always seen together and hanging out. The students mainly see them as weird, not social, or unwilling to make new friends, though it's more than that.

Alaina (my character) is an average student, also taking notice of this group of newbies, but doesn't pay much attention to them, that is, until they kidnap her.

Alaina soon learns she is needed as a fierce force on their secret team of agents, currently working on their hardest mission yet. Whether she wants to or not, Alaina is forced to help. Through her journey, she realizes she may be helping the wrong side...

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3) NPCs and extra characters are allowed.
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5) Please make your posts move the rp along somehow! And at least three sentences!
6) Of course, decent rp skills and grammar are appreciated.
7) Post a picture of your character with your first post please!
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