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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Asmodeus, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. Now THAT'S family planning.
  2. Sounds like a mechanical pencil...But probably not.
  3. Don't know about you but that sounds to me like a good ol' fashion Pez Dispenser.
  4. Hmm, they probably wouldn't use that for a British quiz
  5. Sounds like two metallic objects hitting each other. The high pitch suggests a small object.

    Newton's kinetic sculpture? A bunch of metal balls in a line. Hmm, that was guessed already.

    There are three noises in the clip. The first is something like two small metal balls hitting each other. The second sounds like a small relay being thrown. The last tinny sound definitely has an echo, as if a small metal ribbon is hitting something, then it bounces around a little.

    Also, I wish you both the utmost happiness.
  6. . . .
    I'm not good with sounds. o.o
    It sounded like a can being opened.
    I prob can't help.

    I am so in awe by how wonderfully awesome you two are together!! :D
    I support this!! I will try to listen each time and help.. Even if I'm totally wrong.^^
  7. The first part of the sound actually sounds like bubble wrap to me, the last parts like something bound dropping into a receptacle.


    Or maybe the cracking of a pay phone as you put the coin into it before the dial tone?
  8. But you see Asmo that's the genious behind the sound. :) If I'm wrong I'll totally donate 20$ to the cause. And hell if my next check is big enough a full 100$.
  9. First impression was a needle handling on a record.

    Two glass marbles clacking together?

    Rory's pencil is also likely.
  10. laawl.
    I keep coming back, because when topics are in bold, it annoys me, so I look at them to get the bold away.
    And I thought the 'cut' said 'cat'
    so I was like
    and then
    . . .
    :'< ohwait..
  11. Yes, I will buy you a cat if you help me answer this.

    Also... they released a clue on the radio today:

  12. Makes me think lid on diet pills with that...funny. Hmmm...
  13. Something about that sound reminds me of this. Not so much the actual noise, but the motion/action of the device. maybe it'll help you figure it out?
  14. The last part sounds like the battle ship parts when you drop them into the plastic holders. O-o
  15. You guys... ;_; *moved to awkward half-hugs*

    Thank you Piro, but Asmo and I would never ask Iwaku members for THEIR hard earned and/or ill-begotten money. Only that of the good people of Pirate FM. Right, Asmo? *elbows Asmo in the ribs*

    (Also, mechanical pencil sounds totally legit.)
  16. I still maintain it's something metal or at least sturdy, to create that noise. Especially the last part, it sounds like a hinge to me, one that is dropped and settles. The first part sounds like a latch or something simple and mechanical. The middle noise is the most difficult for me to identify, I can't entirely place my finger on it. Sorry I can't help more than that, folks.

    Best of luck, Asmodeus and Tegan.
  17. How about some sort of spring loaded mechanism? Perhaps a needle is released from a catch and then bounces back into position. Clockwork? Related to a compass type mechanism? Some sort of analog measuring device with a needle?

    .. An egg timer?
  18. Clicking of a pen and letting the point drop back in! Like click the ball-point pen down and when you go to put it away click it upside down and the pointy part will drop back in... That's my guess!