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Sorry, totally ripping off of Asmo's thread title. The cause is quite different.

My friend, the beautiful and talented Mina, has some cats she's been taking care of. They need monies to get vaccinated and fixed before they head off to the SPCA, and she's in college, so she's not rolling in expendable cash. Every little bit helps!

Here is part of the story in her words:

I am starting this fundraiser to help with costs to get the kittens and cats I've been taking care of fixed, vaccinated, and accepted at the SPCA. The SPCA is a no-kill shelter, and if I can get the animals spayed/neutered and vaccinated prior to surrender, it will make their jobs a lot easier. They have a wait list, so we have the time to take care of these medical procedures.

Here's a link where you can donate!

Allow me to continue to convince you. There is video footage of both Mina and the cats.

You can't watch the video? I have pictures!


This is Mina. She is pretty. Of course you would want to render assistance to a pretty person.


These are some of the cats. They are cute. Of course you would want to render assistance to cute cats.

So! If you have some spare cash, this is obviously a good cause! Thanks for reading! :D
Cute kitties!