Help the Festival Committee plan for HORROR MONTH!

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    Look alive, Iwaku, because something wicked this way comes. I'm Ozzie Chanter, your Sinister Staffer, and it is my great pleasure to invite you down the path of mayhem and madness!


    This October will be our HORROR FESTIVAL.

    We already have some dark and deadly schemes brewing in our plot-cauldrons, as well as some oh-so-evil events planned for the month. BUT, we are looking for volunteers to help plot or pitch in! If you want to join the Festival Committee or if you have something special in mind to contribute, join us over in the Iwaku Theme Festivals Group and get involved tonight!

    Or else.

    You can also stick this banner in your signature to help us promote! If you make your own, be sure to share here.


  2. Here's another swanky banner to stick in your signatures!


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    I like banners :)


  4. Oh god, loving these awesome banners guys. LOVING THEM.
  5. I MADE ONE.