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  1. Everyone's favorite troll server admin needs your help!

    I am working on setting up a minecraft server for Iwaku members and need people to play around on a test server. Keep in mind that if you do help almost everything on the server is going to be deleted when the final server is set up. I would love coherent suggestions, bug notices, etc.

    Right now my plan is for a relatively stock PvE server with PvP arenas. Other servers with more customization may be added at a later date.

    Specific things that I need:
    • Getting as many people on the server as possible to see if it starts lagging.
    • Seeing if you can find ways around world protections. PLEASE limit this to the spawn 'camp' and the roads.
    • Looking for commands you shouldn't have access to and also commands that you think you should have access to. (Ex: /list was blocked for some reason)
    • Looking for anything weird in how the world functions. Mob block damage IS disabled so that is intentional.
    Things to keep in mind before making comments/complaints:
    • Spawn, arenas, roads etc. will hopefully be a lot nicer than the current setup.
    • Don't be a jerk
    • All Iwaku rules apply.
    • No griefing (other than specifically mentioned exceptions above)
    • No cheats
    • No hacked clients
    • Keep chat PG-13
    • If you find an exploit. Tell me in a convo.
    Please keep all discussion about this in this thread and conversations with me. I am currently the only one capable of fixing/changing things. If you ask me nicely I will add a suffix to your name which will show your Iwaku username whenever you talk.

    Now for the server info:
    Port: Default

    Thanks for reading this and extra thanks if you help out!
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  2. Sounds intresting.
  3. You should probably tell us what version you're using....Just sayin. Just so people know, it's 1.7.9
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  4. Sorry about that. 1.7.9 and 1.7.10 should both connect. I have been running my client on 1.7.10 without issue. They only added the realms system so they didn't break custom servers.
  5. I would love to help... Though not sure if I'll be that good at it...
  6. Why not make it an RP server? Or a second server for people who want to RP. If necessary I could help with that, though I failed miserably every time I tried to set up the proper permissions.
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  7. Just hanging out and playing is actually of help. You don't have to be good at building or anything. The more people the more load the server is under and I want to make sure there will be 0 issues of it interfering with the websites on the server (including Iwaku's).
  8. I actually hope to eventually do both a creative and RP server both as time goes on. This is actually my first time running a minecraft server in a very long time so I want to see what resource usage looks like before I add a server with a ton of mods.
  9. An rp server sounds like a good idea, for one it adds another medium for which to rp through. That or I might just be biased since I got my start through minecraft rp.
  10. Yeah, and RP server would be cool. Although it would need a little extra effort to set up ;)
  11. Hmm. I think my first RP was a pokemon Gijinka one :D Or at least the first I remember was. I had a period of about 2 months of just enjoying making characters. I didn't start RPing them for a while. Time to check the server then!
  12. If we all pool in ideas it'll take no time at all :D The hardest part would be setting up the permissions. I love MC RP servers, and It'll be great if its one filled with seasoned RPers rather than the amatuers you normally find.
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  13. [​IMG]
    We may be seasoned, but some of aren't very mature... ;)
  14. Hehe who said anything about maturity? Some of the best RPers I know are really childish :D
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  15. Just as long as everyone is well seasoned I'm up for helping out. Now I'm hungry.
  16. Me too. Except I cba doing anything about finding food.
  17. I'd be interested in helping you, as well!
  18. ill join if someone explains how :D
  19. Hrm, do you suppose it should have a texture pack that can be prompted for players to use on joining?
  20. Should make it an awesome survival server.

    Real survival. With Roleplaying of course.

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