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  1. "help" school is a boarding school for teenagers with the most complicated problems. There is no way of eascape the campus, so don't try to eascape, you will only fail. In time you will learn to control yourself. We as the teachers are here to "help" so go have fun.

    Plot: your parents sent you to "help" school to hopefully cure your "sickness" for about 2 years tops.
    Your character can have any kind of problem.

    Here is the OOC chat https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/help-school-ooc-chat.115603/
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  2. Jodi Hart was definitely a problem child, she constantly had fights after school from girls because they were jealous of her beauty or from guys because they had tried to touch her inappropriately...this made her grow up into a strong and resilient woman.
    Although she had told her parents of what happened they refused to believe her so they sent her to "Help," School and she has been there ever since.
    Jodi played with a strand of her hair as she sat in the cafeteria full of other problem children, she was wearing a gray hoodie with jeans...as usual she was alone.
  3. Emilie Alice Roth unlike some truly was a child who many considered needed help. If she belong where her parents finally sent her Emilie didn't know. Her problem many could tell you was you well never knew if it really was Emilie Alice Roth speaking to you. Her parents at first didn't know what it was but soon those in the school learned. Emilie had a personality distorter. Her parents weren't willing to place her into the asylum because the heard of the "Help" School and thought maybe it could do just as the name stated. Emilie doesn't remember coming or why for some say at the time it wasn't her. She just knows she doesn't seem able to leave. Many of her emotions have tried they say. Emilie is only slightly aware at times when one of her alternate personalities take over. She can even seem to control a few but some think they just agree that Emilie is the one who should be in full thought but other personalities do not.

    Emilie walked into the cafeteria unsure where to sit as always. She wore her usual black jeans and a long sleeve shirt. The shirt sleeves are gray and black over the shirt is also cover in card symbols. Some say the outfit stated where she belonged. She heard all her other selves fighting on where to sit. Misery always said no one. Knowledge said the one who seems to sit alone maybe for once they could have a friend. Only a few agreed others wanted some of the popular kids, or the athletes. She finally sighed then began to walk able to block out most except one Knowledge. She went near the girl she felt she had never met but maybe she had. "Um... Hello." Emilie spoke shyly as if the one they call gloom or desperation was speaking. This time however it truly was only Emilie Alice Roth.

  4. Jodi gave the girl one glance, "tables are that way kiddo..." She said as she glanced near the popular table before she sat down to eat, there was a reason why Jodi sat alone...she wanted to be alone, she had always started fights and now someone wants to befriend her? Bullshit! Probably need a bodygaurd or something...
  5. Emilie glanced at the popular kids and sighed. "I don't fit in with them..." She stated in a whisper. She glanced for a possible other empty table and began to walk. She never minded sitting alone. For well she never found herself alone. All her other halfs keep most of her company.
  6. A huge guy bumped into Emillie and turned to her, "the fucks your problem bitch!" He said pushing her making her food fall to the ground.
    The other kids gathered for a fight and the big guy was about to punch her when Jodi ran in front of her and he stopped inches from her face...everyone gasped and Jodi looked around before she looked back at the big guy, "do not touch her..." She stated and the big man growled and backed up punching someone else instead.
    Jodi walked back to her table alone and started eating again.
  7. Emilie didn't once more see one of the other kids. She had grown use to this when walking lost in thought. Her eyes didn't show yet what she truly felt. Emilie expected to be punched seeing the kids gather for a fight and so she was ready for Courage to basically control her movements after she took a breath to prepare for the pain that would come first. The blow never came. Emilie opened her closed eyes she didn't remember closing in front of her was the girl she had asked to sit with. Before Emilie could say anything after recovering from shock the boy had hit someone else and the girl had went back where she sat before. Emilie looked over to where the girl had gone then to her fallen food. She picked up the only thing she had left really for lunch. Her chocolate milk once she picked it up before moving she sighed and made herself stay focused this time when she walked. She changed her original plan to heading back to the girl who saved her. When she reached her Emilie had her eyes on her feet and held the milk. "Thanks for stopping him from punching me." She said quietly. "No one has ever done that before... Usually they let me get hit and watch how things play out. I never remember any of the results." She stated telling truth on her not ever remembering just that there was a fight and she had been hit and laughed at. "I really appreciate..." She finished Emilie wasn't sure if the girl would answer but she waited a moment to see before heading where she normal found herself after a fight or being rejected in the cafeteria.
  8. Jodi cut her sandwhich in half before setting it on Emillies tray as well as half of every food item she had.
    "Well, I couldnt just let that pretty face of yours get hit.." She said and glanced her way, "the names Jodi..."
  9. Hearing the girl after a moment Emilie looked up and noticed her tray had some food and saw the girl who said her name was Jodi had half. "Well thanks... Most would..." She said not sure what else really there was to say on the mater of the bully. "I'm Emilie." She said and gave a small smile. "Um... Are you sure you want me to have this?" She asked taking a guess that was why her tray seemed fuller than just the milk carton.
  10. Devin sat in the corner of the cafeteria were he kept to himself most of the time. He had no friends, no family except his grandfather, and no one to talk to. When Devin was a kid, he would get beet up a lot, so he tried to kill them. He has been sent to asylums, but took out by money. He did lots of drugs when he was a teenager, and did other bad things. So his grandfather sent him to "help" school, the place that he will go even more crazy in.
  11. (http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb...humb/2/23/MekakuKido.png/500px-MekakuKido.png)
    Deirdra had been sitting in her corner of the room for hours, studying the people who came and went. She occasionally stole part of another kid's lunch without their permission and knowledge. The thing was, they knew she could kick their butts. So no one messed with her. If the just so took out her headphone, she would break their arm with ease, then walk away playing a song about death. Only she could take her headphones off. No one else could stop her from drowning herself in the rhythms.
    But in reality, she was just another average Jane at heart. But the way she was put her in that position. He was a softie for small things like puppies and kittens and the occasional baby. But her hatred to most people got the better of her one day and her parents wanted to be rid of her. They couldn't Stand having a daughter who didn't speak to them but rather had music speak for her. Or a killer. So they sent her to "help" school.
    She sat in her own little chair in the corner of the room while the song playing, Boulevard of broken dreams by green day, spoke of how she felt.
  12. All of a sudden Devin start to run around the room and yell shit about every kid at every table. He didn't know what he's was doing, but he just wanted to start a fight. He looked around at the people and laughed. He then sat down at his corner feeling content with what was just about to happen to him.
  13. Jodi ignored the kid shouting and kept eating, she knew those type of kids who shout random things and she pitied them.
  14. Deirdra saw womeone move maniacally around the room. It was a kid who seemed to have a psychological disorder, maybe even some form of terets? But he yelled at lots of people and ran around. As usual, no one messed with her, but she could hear him over her music, which pissed her off a little. She let out a calming breath, then sank back into her music. She saw the rest of his table stiffen a little, ready for a fight. She sighed, not wanting to have to sop this, but the kid was self-destructive. She probably would have to intervene.
  15. Emilie herself stayed quiet waiting ti hear what Jodi thought on the food. However this did not keep her thoughts or other sides from thinking. Knowledge was doing her usual taking notes of everyone and thing going on. Misery waiting for a chance to once more be in control of Emilie's actions. Many other personalities going about there usual way at lunch like they always had. Then Emilie not paying much attention compare to her other sides hear a boy talking random crap about her. She was quietly taking every word in but said nothing. If it hurt her was difficult at the moment to tell. Noticing that Jodi just continued eating Emilie decided to sit down if the girl who saved her and well shared her food maybe it was alright to eat with her. If not Emilie just needed told and she would leave. She knew Misery wished to put the words that the boy randomly saying insults in his place but thankfully her other sides where intervening at the moment to let Emilie perhaps enjoy a normal well as normal as it gets lunch.
  16. Jodi had gotten up and placed her food in the garbage before setting the tray on top and walking away...more than anything she needed to excersise!
    The track was empty as the young and beautiful woman shoved her tennis shoes on herself and began running.
  17. Emile continued to eat in silence. She paused seeing Jodi get up and leave where she was headed Emilie wasn't sure. She sighed once more being alone yet not alone at lunch. Once she finished she sat a moment before getting up to throw away her meal where she would go she wasn't sure. She was never sure. Too many choices to many designations. To many ways to chose never getting past a tie at times. She sighed and walked out of the lunch room then found somewhere to simply sit. What she would do well that would be decided she knew in time it always was even when it wasn't her. Sometimes depending on who deiced and seemed to take over some of those who where in the "help" had learned ways to tell. Knowledge would pull out glasses even if they weren't prescription, courage would put on work out gloves, Misery she could be figured out simply by attitude Misery acted the complete opposite of Emilie. The others some had things that were easy to spot yet others didn't seem different almost in any way.
  18. The lunch room had began to thin out. Deirdra saw that as her cue to leave. She got up from her tiny corner seat and walked across the cafeteria. Her headphones changed from "I'm still here" from Treasure Planet to "21 guns" by green day. She growled and hit the headphones on her head with her hand. It changed again, this time to "Rolling Girl" by Hatsune Miku. That infuriated her. Not because she didn't like the song, no, she adored it. But it wasn't what she was in the mood for. By now, she was hitting the headphones and it looked like she was trying to get water out of her ear.
    She grunted as she realized she attracted attention and a few giggles from some idiots from a table across the room. So she Played the opening song for Watamote and stepped forward, challenging them. She played it Mainly because the beginning sounds like a demon scratching its way through the surface to them. Their eyes open wide for a second, then they went back to silent eating.
    Deirdra sighed, then made her way to the library. Books were good to her. Some calming reading in a calming environment would calm her down.
  19. Emilie sat thinking finally she sighed but soon things seem to be decided not by her but by another. The one who had chosen stood and began to head for the Library she wished to read yet another book within a few hours more than likely perhaps even less. She took out her fake glasses and placed them on Emilie. It seemed rather natural or so Knowledge thought. Entering the Library she began to think what sort of book she might chose. Fiction, nonfiction? Fantasy, mystery, horror, sicfi? She never really knew till she began looking.
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