Help Save Alan's Eyesight

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  1. Okay, guys. So many of you may have noticed that Alan hasn't been around much lately. This is because he's having problems with his eyes again. Because of this, he's unable to work or do much of anything else.

    It turns out that the corneas in both of his eyes are severely damaged and he might need cornea transplant procedures. Because of all this, he can't pay bills and everyone knows medical stuff is expensive. It also means he can't really be in cbox cause of all the dark colors.

    So here's what you can do. If you want to help Alan out financially, even a little bit helps. You can send money through paypal to or he will provide you with an address if you want to mail cash or checks, but you have to let us know in that case.

    If you cannot afford to help monetarily or even if you can, another way to help is to call Alan and keep him company through this. If you want to call Alan, send me a PM and I will give you his number.

    For those with phone anxiety or whatever who just want to pass on wellwishes, leave a post in this thread and I will convey your message to Alan. Please do consider leaving a kind word. Alan is a wonderful guy and it sucks that he is going through this, so he needs our love and support at the moment.
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  2. Hey Allen, you dont know me but now I am part of Iwaku too !

    I can't truly imagine what you are going through as I have never had something of a similar effect happen to me, but I can certainly see why it would be extremely emotionally and physically draining. Although I dont have the money ATM to really help you out, I do have a few kind words if nothing else.

    I hope you can get through this hard stage in your life for all the reasons that matter the most, mainly to make sure you are happy because that is the most important for me ! I hope you can sort it all out soon and maybe one day we will be in a RP together !

    As I know your first name I think it is only fitting to sign off with mine.

    Yours faithfully

  3. Alan, we may have only spoke a few times but this is definitely something you don't need to go through. I am here, if you need to talk. You got this, and you will come out on top. Everything will be ok. I promise. =)

    Stay safe, my ninja!
  4. Alanz, we love you! T^T I'm sorry your eyes are being total jerks! *hugs and covers in pillows!*

  5. I was wondering where you'd been and was really, really sad when I found out why you weren't around. D: If I can scrape together a little bit to help out, I will. Also, if you want, you can get my phone number from Revi.

    I'll be sending good vibes your way.
  6. I wish I would be able to help you out with more than just this message. I miss your company and I hope everything works out for you in the end.
  7. Stay up, bro.

    Things will get bettah, things always get better : )
  8. aww porr you i hope you get better. * Kiss cheek * n.n
  9. I wish you the best, Alan. Play some of your favorite tunes and keep on fighting.
  10. Hi guys! For the TL;DR of this post, see the bottom! This is mostly a post for the folks who don't have me on Facebook and can't see the updates I post when I can stomach the extreme brightness of Facebook.

    First, I want to thank everyone who's posted. The well wishes, thoughts, prayers, or animal sacrifices warm the cockles of my heart. Truly. <3

    Right now, I can actually stand to look at webpages. It comes and goes, mostly due to intense light sensitivity (with regards to things like Facebook) and an inability to see darker colors due to distorted vision (like what happens here sometimes).

    I have cornea ulcers, which is basically fancy speak for a scratched cornea. I've seemingly had this issue, off and on, since my surgeries last year for Diabetic Retinopathy. The one in the left eye seems to be doing okay (I guess? Doc isn't too concerned, so neither am I), but the right eye is the problem child.

    This particular foray in the wonderful world of Eyeball Hell started in very early March. The retina doc I see tried to treat it, but since he's a retina doc (back of the eye), not a cornea doc (front of the eye), he couldn't do anything more than what he already had. I was referred to a different doctor, who put a clear contact over the cornea ulcer and left it there for a week. After a week passed, he did the equivalent of a cheesy grin and a Dr. Nick thumbs-up, and said "come back if you need me." To which I replied with a "Thanks, Dr. Nick!"

    Turns out, that was just the beginning.

    I noticed, starting in June, increased light sensitivity and a slight increase in blurred vision. I didn't think much of it, because there's still some lingering allergies here. There were also increased intense headaches, that some might remember me remarking about in the cbox. June gave way to July, and the blurred vision continued. What also continued was the financial hell I was in, because I wasn't getting any contract work from anyone. Once I finally got insurance put back on the car, we went back to "Dr. Nick", whose first response was to forget what he told me and blame me for not keeping my appointment. Once he actually sat down and read his notes, he simply said "Oh. Well, you need to go see a specialist" and has sent me off to a high-priced doctor on the other side of town.

    Here's the part where it gets fun... and costly.

    I've seen this new doctor twice. Once last week, and again today. Between those visits, I also saw a general eye doctor who apparently does contract work with the state disability office. My first visit to the new doc involved him telling me how messed up the cornea looked, and then showing me a picture he took with his phone. Yes, it's pretty messed up. No, it didn't get any better. When I saw the disability doc on Tuesday, he ran me through a full eye exam.

    This included dilating the eyes.

    A cornea ulcer is an open wound. Like a cut on your arm. All I can say is that it burned. A lot.

    I went back to the cornea doc today to find my cornea is now 20% worse at the point of the ulcer than it was last week. A "glue patch" (as he termed it) was put into place, along with a clear contact lens to prevent the eyelid from rubbing it off. This was an awkward procedure that involved stuff and things that might make some people squemish. I was told this patch could last between one and six months, and if it doesn't work, a transplant procedure would be necessary. As I type this, I'm still experiencing nasty migraine-like headaches and extreme light sensitivity.

    I have no idea what this all cost me today (I told the girl "All I have is $20" and she said "I guess that's fine"), but I do know I can't afford it. I've been trying to get help from places, but that's just not happening. The local Lion's Lighthouse charity told me they don't cover doctor visits, and I know they're not gonna help with utilities while I'm half blind with blurred vision. I personally avoided posting anything here because I know Diana is trying to pay for Iwaku, and don't want to cut into that. However, I also know Revis is concerned about me and wants to do everything to possibly help. For that, I thank and <3 her. If anything can be done, I will do pretty much anything to repay the favor. Yes, you can hold me to that, so long as it doesn't violate any state or federal laws.

    I flee now, because oh gods the pain.

    TL;DR: Eyes bad. Eyes hurt. Head hurts. Doctors are expensive. Halp.
  11. =/

    I really hope everything will work out okay. I remember you mentioning how difficult it was for you to get work and it absolutely sucks that you have this to deal with it. I honestly don't know what I can do to help you aside from wishing you all the best.
  12. You don't know me Alan, and I have no idea who you are but I know the fear of losing your eyesight. So, here it goes:

    I have bad eyes myself. I've been told by doctors that by the time I am twenty four, I may very well lose what I have now. I've got certain installments in my computer that makes the letters bigger, so I can read them. They've tried many things to help my eyes, but nothing is helping me, but the one thing that I have learned is that you have many other senses you can depend on. But that doesn't make what is happening to you any less painful; it is down right scary waking up in the morning and not being able to see anything. If ever you need someone to talk to, message me. I'll give you my number, email or anything you need when you can't take it on your own.

  13. Alan, I really wish I could help you right now. I can't, but rest assured that when I can I'll kick a little money your way. I WON'T expect any recompense. I know how expensive doctors are. We're all here for you buddy. Hang in there.