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  1. Im such a romance freak. Sorry xD. My first idea was something along these lines....

    1.) In the victorean age women were just property. If you lived in the high class circles you were shown how to read, write, sow, sing, play instruments and conduct themselves to perfection. The tool to get a mans attention while remaining a virgin. Though she wakes up to the thing that can ruin her entire reputation....a man in her room that claims he is from the future. {You have the advantage of making the character not understand the victorean style because usually people dont know much about it. If you do then....hit me up xD}

    2.) Born a poor girl in the 2014 setting, she was used to the ghetto schools she attended and the regular gun shots that ran every three minutes. Living to support herself and her mother wasnt easy when she was just the tender age of 15. Though luckily because of her body, she was able to get a decent enough job that helped pay the bills and put bread on the table. Her world was flipped upside down when a rich CEO starts to get a slight interest in her body.....but more importantly her brains. She was very intillegent for being so young and he found it alluring and so forced her to go to one of the best private schools in America while living with him....forcing her to bring her mother as well. {I like this...if you dont its ok you have other options. xD But ya..)

    3.) She was a NEET. (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) She hated the outside world to the extent that she felt the need to seclude herself within the four walls of her room that were filled with computer screens and other awesome gadgets. Even though she was stuck in her room all the time and accupied by her games didnt mean she liked being alone. In fact she hated it...and one day her wishes were granted when a God pulled her into his world through the screen of the computer she was using. She started to free fall until she crashed landed...ontop of a guy. {This idea is entertaining to me. Give it a shot, please! You can teach my character everything about YOUR WORLD. While of course having the romance and sex in there. *wiggles eyebrows* i like a knight in shining armor. Also shows me how creative you are. So if your up for the challenge...come at me bro.}

    4.) She was born a twin but because of her familys hate towards each other....the two children were seperated to be raised differently. Her father was from a Yakuza branch, powerful in Japan. Her mother raised in a Mafia styled family, though a bit more poor then her father. They had fallen in love and married in secret but sadly their familys found out and were forced to devorce while taking one child each. On my characters 16th birthday she moves to Japan to become a regular girl, out of her familys clutches to live on her own. Only to be a neighbor to the most amazing Japanese styled mansion she has ever seen. And she goes to school with the boy that is next door as well....not knowing they were siblings at all sense they looked different. And of course...fell deeply in love with the boy. Not that he was to into her....he had a lot of admirers it seems. *sigh.* {Mmm this was my last idea. They all suck but meh. xD This is only for fun.}
  2. Hey, hey! I am interested in the second RP? Perhaps you would want to do it with me? :-)
  3. Lol sure. Im leaving this open so anyone can rp whatever they want with me....i already have someone else asking to do the fourth one. XD YAY! I gots people wanting to rp with me! *dances*
  4. I'm interested in the third idea. Any specific general genre (what an oxymoron) you have in mind for the gameworld?
  5. Romance basically. Thats i ever want in a rp. Could be a complicated romance or a regular one. Just as long as its a juicy story and doesnt bore me im all yours.
  6. I meant Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Modern Fantasy, etc. Any preference, or are you game for anything?
  7. Shoot. Anything. As long as its not to violent. I cant make up fighting scenes. I suck at those xD
  8. I'll try to make there be as few as possible. I'll tag you when I get the thread up.
  9. Mk. Thank you for making the starter
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