Help needed...((Warning, may be depressing))

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Recently, I learned that a friend of mine went to a doctor because of beeding in his stomache and he was given a 22% chance to survive. I can only keep in contact with this friend through the internet but I am really worried about him.

He is in my heart and in my prayers... But, as I recently attended the funeral of my Pawpaw, my grandfather, I'm worried about him and I'm trying to keep his spirts up.

All I can say is, I don't want to be a shrink, too emotionally draining.

That said, I still want to cry my eyes out and then some.

Someone please help me with words of encouragement, so I can do the same to my friend.
Just keep in mind that there is always a chance of survival. My aunt had a brain tumor and had to have surgery, twice. She survived both surgeries even though her chances of living were slim. Keep your friend in your thoughts, think positive, and keep in touch with that friend and their family as much as you can letting them know you care. And remember, your not god, and you don't have the ability to be in two places at once, do what you can to be there for support, and don't stress too much about the bad things. Just keep your friend always in your mind, and know it will turn out for the better.

My dad died unexpectedly last year when I had to find him dead downstairs cause of his heart explosion due to years of chain smoking. It was unexpected and it changed my life. At least know the doctors caught your friend before it was too late and he was beyond help, my dad didn't have that chance. He's in good hands, and trust that he'll be just fine.
Just hold onto the knowledge that the surgeon know what they're doing and will do everything they can. Since you only know your friend online theres not much else you can do.

When your friend comes out he'll need support, physical, moral, and spiritual. He'll look to you to provide it even if it doesn't seem that way. Best thing you can do is be yourself and be supportive even if you're worrying your ass off. Its your duty as a friend even if your grandad's death if holding your down. What he'll need is a friend so just be that.
Have faith, dude. No matter what happens, keep your head up. Be strong, even if you feel weak and emotional on the inside. You're friend is going to no doubt need some stability in his life, now and after the surgery! Be his Rock.

Keep your spirits up, like Vay said, modern medicine is amazing.

Sometimes we go through rough spots in life where everything seems like it's black and hopeless, but just keep in mind that things always get better. Sometimes the worst situations can turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

If you ever you ever need to talk feel free to Pm me.
Thanks for the words of help. He is not going into surgery though.

Really the doctor said to him "Wait and pray". Never a good sign...

Am I weak for wanting to stay away from my friend to avoid getting hurt?
Never shelter someone out of your life that your friends with. Especially someone who's dying. That's not a good idea. I understand it may be hard for you, but understand that death is everywhere, all around us, it's natural, and it happens all the time. Spend what days with your friend you can and don't neglect him, have faith he'll be alright, and just be there for him when you can at all costs. Staying away from him when he's so sick isn't the right thing to do in my personal opinion, again death is hard, but just know it's natural, and there's a chance he could live.
Cry your eyes out all you want; but believe in your heart and faith that the person involved will survive. It doesn't make you weak to cry, but don't reveal this to the other per say. I cannot say I'm emotional when something this major happens, but it would totally help.
Also, not to be pessimistic but... I think that you'd regret it, cher, if you didn't see them and something did go badly.
As much as it's one of my sad memories, I still cherish the memory of my grandfather from when I went to visit him in the hospital.
Even if nothing happens, I think that it might still be hard on you if he ended up well and you regretted not being there for him, you know?
Best of wishes, though.