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  1. Hey Iwaku!

    I'm Joseph; I'm currently making an online browser game with my friend (who happens to be amazing at coding). A couple weeks ago, I stumbled upon Iwaku while looking for some pictures to help my artist visualize what I had in mind; one thing led to the next, and I found myself lurking around the forums since the quality of writing and creativity here is incredible!

    I asked the staff if I could attempt to rally/hire some people on Iwaku to help me on the backstory and description of classes, since writing and being creative isn't my strong point.

    So anyways, about the game:
    It’s an automatic turn-based strategy game with some RPG elements. In this game, players play as a "tactician" and manage multiple characters (each levels and changes classes individually), put them into formations, and battle them. It’s coded in PHP/MySQL, but battle will use C++. If you've heard of MyBrute, it's kind of like that but slightly more brain intensive and customizable.

    Players play as a tactician that manages characters. These characters can be arranged into a 3x4 formation (with max of 7 characters) and fight other players. Characters level up and change classes independent of each other (there are a total of 123 classes). As characters change classes, they gain abilities that affect their neighbors; some classes may help their allies become stronger; others may be incredibly strong individually but detract from their allies. Characters only have 2 equipment slots, weapon and armor, but it's like this to prevent players from becoming too confused, since they'll be managing lots and lots of characters.

    Here is some sample art I have for the basic classes:
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    If you're interested in the class trees, here they are. Characters start as Novices and can change into either a Swordsman, Trainee, or Spellcaster. The parenthesized numbers next to the name of the class denote the required level.
    Show Spoiler

    Also, some interesting example classes:

    • Tyrant class:
    Effect: -10% STR/INT/VIT to characters around it.

    Character concept: The Tyant falls under the "selfish" archtype. It decreases the stats of those around it, but has above average attack while having no apparent weakness.

    • Marauder class:
    Effect: +2 strikes and +4 speed to the Marauder and those to either side of him for 1st 2 rounds of battle.

    Character concept: The buffs the Marauder provides allows his neighbors to strike first and more often, but only at the beginning of each battle. The Marauder also has relatively high attack but low defense, essentially making him a glass cannon.

    • Sorcerer class:
    Effect: +60% Physical Defense to the character in front of the sorcerer and -50% Physical Defense behind the sorcerer.
    Character concept: The Sorcerer gives defense to the characters in front of it while taking away defense to those behind it, which shows its mixing tendency. Players can take advantage of these effects by putting classes with very high physical defense in front of the sorcerer while putting classes that wouldn't really need physical defense anyways behind him.

    If you'd like to take a look at what and how each class affects its neighbors, here's a spreadsheet of all the classes and their effects.
    Show Spoiler
    To show what location the effects are present, I used a number system.
    1 2 3
    4 5 6
    7 8 9
    5 is the character, 2 would be directly in front of the character, and 8 would be directly behind the character. stats.xlsx

    P.S. If you're interested in numbers, the second sheet of the spreadsheet shows some simple statistics on how each class fares stats-wise

    The game currently is structured around simply fighting other players; in the future, I hope to implement several things: A "Player Versus Monster/Computer" function, Guilds for players to group up in, and territories for guilds to fight over. I've thought up of a good way for the latter two, but they're currently not being pursued since the basics of the game need to be programmed. Battle is fully automated for simplicity, so the structure of formations is extremely important.

    Some other random things in the game:

    • Characters have a specific affinity for an element. We are using the Chinese 5-element system (Water, Fire, Wood, Steel, Earth). Characters can deal extra or less damage based on its and its target's element; the affinity also gives small bonuses to make the character more "aligned" to that element, i.e. Fire affinity characters get +5% Attack and +1 speed.
    • There are two ways to upgrade weapons: Refining and Imbuing. Refining adds simple stats (such as more attack for weapons and more defense for armor) while Imbues add special effects that have a range to keep players trying to get the "best" stats. Example: Desperation (Weapon Imbue): +20-30% Damage, +10-20 Critical, -3-2% Regen.
    Essentially, I'm requesting help on coming up with a world for these characters to be in as well as descriptions for each of the classes. (oh, also, if you saw the class descriptions spreadsheet or class stats and have suggestions to change the concept of a character or name of the skill, I'm open to those too.

    About the world: Since I'm planning to release a clan/guild function in the future (if this gets that far, heh) which is centered around fighting for land, I'd like a world that has many different types of terrain all in one place. A good example:
    Show Spoiler


    If you feel anything is confusing about the game feel free to ask me questions, I'll do my best to clear up confusion. I left out some things (namely damage types, stats, substats, effects, and how battle progresses) which I feel aren't as relevant at the moment, but I'm happy to talk about these if you're interested.

    Thanks so much for your time!
  2. This is not spam. This thread has been accepted by the staff. So if you are interested in helping, contact Conix.
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  3. Hey, I'm still looking for a writer(s)~

    Also, if you guys have any questions about any part of the game, I'll be happy to answer them.
  4. I do believe I missed this thread earlier because it must have been shot down below my line of sight. Oh and yes I remember all about our talk about how this is not spam and how we approved it.

    As for me I'd gladly take a look into creating a few things for you. If you would like an example of some of my work with mutliple terrain envisioning just take a look at this.

    Show Spoiler

    This is the original MS Paint concept image of a world developed while playing in one of the RP's I've participated in. As the story progressed, the world needed to expand, so what we did was also included a way to make sure that we could expand as far as we wanted. You should probably think about finding a way to do that. (Preferences would help if you don't have exact details.)

    I'll see if I can get my original team who worked on that map together to create something nice. Oh and here is another version of that map expanded to fit the world view. This version, however, was done by Tuxedo Mask, a profecient editor in some of my media.

    Show Spoiler

    Well talk to you later and perhaps I'll have a few examples when I do.

    Writing in the Moonlight,

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  5. Well if I happen to find some spare time I'll see what I can whip up.
    What have you gotten done so far? I'll run some stuff by with Piro.
    I'm happy that your concept of elements and fighting style is original, I like that new fresh taste.
    As Piro said hasta luego.

    P.S. That map only took 5 hours. I can make a more detailed one like the example you have it will just take longer ^_^
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  6. Hey guys, thanks for the replies! I would greatly appreciate your help!

    I had someone write me a little bit, but I haven't had contact with him for awhile. This is what he gave me:
    Of course, you guys don't have to use any of that; since I don't have much experience in creating worlds, I can't exactly list out the things that I want. Rather, I only speak up when there may be some discrepancy between lore and gameplay. As for the story above, some discrepancies would be how he attributed a specific branch to a god, which is kind of weird since all characters start as novices. Also, the division of players into empires is a bit iffy, since I would prefer if all players were from the same empire, but constantly battled each other and made their own clans. Sort of a strong but apathetic to inner-country-chaos government, if you will.

    Let me emphasize: you don't need to use any of the above story because there are no real requirements that the lore needs other than not contradicting with the gameplay.

    Anyways, about the map:
    I'm willing to accept any type of map that you can provide. You can put as much effort as you want; if you don't feel like drawing the full blown map, that's fine too; I can find someone to draw it out.

    The map will probably be used to show what clan/guild owns a specific part of the map, so I need the cities to be spread out enough to allow a guild emblem to be put on the map. Sort of like this, but not so spread out: (also not so horizontal, I'd prefer a more "vertical" map because of the formatting of the page)
    Show Spoiler

    The guild/clan Icon will show on the little piece of parchment next to the name of the city.

    Of course, I'm open to criticism or suggestions because it's pretty clear I'm a novice when it comes to this sort of thing~ Thanks for reading!
  7. Well I am currently concentrating on introducing the three primary classes (excluding the novice for now). So I was thinking of hinting to the paths they could take and what I would like to know is in general how each path works?

    I mean more specifically I was looking at the Spellcaster Branch and trying to figure out how to differentiate between the mage, neophyte, and shadowmage. What I got was something like the mage is a catalyst driven/enviroment driven type, the neophyte is all about cure spells and elemental magic, and the shadowmage is debuff/summoning. If you could clerify on those points as well as the other two then I think I can get a nice introduction paragraph for each of those classes.
  8. Good to know about details for the map! Once we actually get a story in place and have an idea what we want on the map, how many continents etc. I'll get to work on it. Until then classes and backstory!
  9. Uh... Need a translator for Spanish or something like that?
  10. If you're interested, we have a semi-functional, but useless site for just playing around here.
    Login: icekitty
    Password: password

    You can roll new characters, buy new weapons/imbue them, level them up (by clicking the "level up button"), promote them into different classes, and organize them into formations. Since the battle code is not finished yet, stat calculation is currently off (so all stats appear as 0).

    Feel free to play around; the site is very messy and incomplete, and there's not too much to do, but it's still something. The important part I wanted to show you is where the class descriptions will be showing up. When you promote characters (click on the promote button in a character page), a list of available classes pops up, with a description of the class next to it. Thus, the class descriptions do not need to be very long at all, but can be.

    Anyways, onto class descriptions:
    @Pirogeth: You hit the mark! What I had in mind when I drew out the class trees were organizing characters into particular stats with the first class change (Swordsman, Spellcaster, Trainee), then into particular jobs in battle (like becoming a glass cannon, a tank, buffer, etc) with the second.

    I gave my artists this spreadsheet(also in the OP, but here it is again) to help them see what I visualized (As you can see I'm not the greatest writer). What's important in this is how each promotion is sort of like a significant change in its life situation/job as it gets more experience, but gets more skewed into a particular niche. I feel like this description is a bit iffy, so tell me if you need further clarification about this.

    Here are the art pieces I have so far
    Show Spoiler


    It should be apparent that (typically) classes get more "badass" as they level up, according to the level requirement.

    One last thing: in the Class stats spreadsheet (also in the OP), some of the lingo I use may be a bit confusing. I think I may need to get into how battle works in order to help you guys understand the game (hopefully it won't be a huge turn off :P)

    Battle Explanation:
    Show Spoiler

    There are some terminology that need to be defined first:
    Strikes: The number of times a character can hit in a round. This is determined by the weapon equipped. The more strikes a character has, the less each attack does. However, since there are multiple attacks, there is a higher chance the character will a critical strike during a battle (or procs, in the future)
    Speed: How early in the turn (will be explained later) a character attacks. This is determined by class, but can be modified by both equipment and abilities.
    Rounds: Each character gets to deplete their strikes within a round. Also, characters that have a regen bonus active get this boost at the end of the round. Many effects only last for a certain amount of rounds.
    Turns: A subset in a round. Each character gets to strike once in a round (assuming they didn't deplete their strikes for the round.

    Example: Let's assume there are 2 characters: one with 2 strikes (character 1), one with 4 strikes (character 2). Let's also assume that character 1 has higher Speed.

    Round 1:
    Turn 1:
    Character 1 Attacks Character 2
    Character 2 Attacks Character 1
    Turn 2:
    Character 1 Attacks Character 2
    Character 2 Attacks Character 1
    Turn 3:
    Character 2 Attacks Character 1
    Turn 4:
    Character 2 Attacks Character 1

    This is how each round would look like.

    Range: How far a class can reach. This is determined by the class.

    How battle progresses (ignoring rounds and turns)
    In this example, we will be observing battle between these two teams:

    The top of the formation enters battle first (and thus will be in range of more attacks but can also allow them to hit more)

    Round 0: This picture just shows how characters will be aligned.
    Characters that are in range to attack: Team 1: Kitty (1 Range), Whee (1 Range), Hooray (1 Range), ho hum (2 Range). Team 2: chartestsword (1 Range), chartesttrainee(1 Range), chartestspell (2 Range).

    Range simply shows you what rows you can hit; they ignore columns. So, "Kitty" can hit both "chartesttrainee" and "chartestsword" because they are only 1 row away. Characters may be spread out to avoid area of effect damage, or may be positioned closely to benefit from class abilities.

    Note that some characters are not in range to attack right away. This may occur either because the formation is poorly designed or for specific strategic purposes.

    Round 1:
    Characters automatically target the opponent in range that they will deal the most damage to. Let's just say that "chartesttrainee" and "Whee" both die.

    Round 2:
    Now, let's assume after the second round, more characters die.
    Note that team 2 has no more live characters in their first row.

    Round 2.5:
    Since there are no more alive characters on team 2 in their first row, the other rows get moved up.
    This will change what characters are in range of what (For example, "RAWRAWR" (Range 1) will now be in range to attack. "chartestspell" will also be able to hit both the first and second rows of Team 1.

    Hopefully this wasn't too confusing! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

    Some effects explanations:

    -Physical/Magical Defense vs Physical/Magical Reduction: Defense reduces damage taken by set amount (e.g. 200), while Reduction reduces damage taken by a percent (e.g. 10%). This means Defense is more useful against characters that have a large number of strikes (since damage will be reduced multiple times by the defense) Both of these are influenced mostly by equipment.

    -"Pierce", from the classes Abyss Knight, Spectral Knight, Cavalier, Lancer, and Master Lancer: These classes can hit multiple rows. This means if they are on the front row and attack, they can hit one opponent on the first row and one opponent on the second row (and the Master Lancer can hit another on the third row), which essentially TRIPLES their attack.

    -Just in case if it isn't clear yet, most effects are not permanent. They last for a certain amount of rounds.

    @Darkness: Hey, thanks for the offer, but I don't think the game is anywhere close to having the option to expand to other languages :P. After the game releases, maybe, heh.
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  12. Yeah sorry about not getting anything to you yet, people aren't responding to the PM I sent. (And I've been out sick the past couple days.)

    While sick though I've been browsing through games that have similiar character types and checking descriptions they've made to get an approximate size for my descriptions. The basic classes seem to have more written for them while the higher classes are one or two sentences. I think I can work something out.
  13. Ooh, thanks Pirogeth!

    Oh, and I was bumping it because I wasn't sure if people were still interested in it or not ^^

    Next week is finals for my friend and I, so after that there SHOULD be some progress in coding~
  14. this looks like you guys put alot of work into this i really hope it works out
  15. Hey! Just a small update~

    Some debug code for the battle is being worked on, and I have more finished art!
  16. Looks awesome conix!!
  17. Yeah, and so far I got my spellcasters done. Just need to change one thing apparently. I'm also waiting on our Swordsman describer and I'm not sure how far Tuxedo is with the Trainnee.
  18. Almost done Piro, I'll send you what I have and you can evaluate it. Before I be out of contact for the rest of the weekend.
  19. Hey guys! Just wondering how far you guys are. My programmer just estimated around a week and a half till alpha status, which then we'll start searching for outstanding bugs.

    One of the biggest problems we currently have is... we don't have a name that both of us like. The best name we have so far is "Tactics Aegeros", but it's not the best name. Mind helping us out here? ^^; We've decided on the name "Almasy Tactics"~

    Also, how far are you guys on the class descriptions? Thanks so much for helping out, I wouldn't know what to do without you guys, hehe.