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  1. My friend, PCHSSOS can't log in because it keeps saying her username doesn't exist, but she hasn't deleted it. We were wondering if that could be fixed? Thank you for your help!
  2. I just looked it up myself and found nothing.

    Has PCHSSOS not been on Iwaku in over a year?
    If so their account was likely deleted.
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  3. She hasn't been on for even a year yet. She was just on at about 7 this morning EST but at about 7:15 it wouldn't let her on because it says her account isn't here

    (Testing something, I'll edit this post once I see the result).

    ^So tagging them doesn't bring up anything.
    Which I would assume means the username is wrong.
    To which I tried to search the username by typing in one letter at a time rather than copy-paste. Never gave me a suggestion of someone else.

    Which leads me to think the account for deleted for other reasons.
    Security Check fail? Maybe it got deleted thinking it was a spam bot?
  5. Her username is actually @PCHSSOSMB ! She forgot her own username. XD
  6. I'm not sure. I know that it's the right username because it's an acronym for our high school band but I have no idea why it would be deleted
  7. And that's not hers. This is her pic
  8. You sure the MB wasn't something extra added on to the end that meant something different?
  9. The account Diana linked couldn't be the same account JanexJeff is talking about because that user hasn't been on since Auguest and this user was on at seven EST today(?), but (and I reread this few times to make sure I didn't read this wrong) fifteen minutes later Iwaku claimed their account never existed. That and apparently the icons don't match up. It's possible one of the accouts were deleted because they were believed to be made by the same person but I don't think this was likely .-. This is pretty weird to be honest.

    @JaneXJeff, did your friend try contacting the staff themself through Iwaku's Facebook page? First hand information would eliminate any and all confusion.
  10. Accounts are only merged (not erased) after an investigation and a talk to the owner of the accounts. If we had merged the accounts we would have records of it and the owner would know about it. If it happened today on top of that, it would not have been forgotten by staff this quickly. We do remember cases for a few days at least. No accounts are merged on the basis of having similar usernames (though it can be reason to look into the possibility of multiple accounts) and the most recently used account is the one we usually merge them into (or whichever account the owner wants to keep, which tends to be the most recently used).

    So there is pretty much zero chance that this was the reason the account disappeared. Except if an admin suddenly went crazy and decided to merge or delete random accounts. -Will now sit down and wait for owl admin to figure out this mystery. If she can't, she's definitely the admin that went crazy!-
  11. Like I said - unlikely. Miscommunication between staff have happened before, but, again, unlikely.
  12. @JaneXJeff Could you give us the link to your friend's profile page? You can get there by clicking on their name in any private conversations you two may have been in. If you don't have a private conversation, and you haven't followed your friend, do you know anything they would have posted in recently? Right now, their username really doesn't seem to exist (for whatever reason), and the first thing we need to do is see their account. That'll let us to figure out what happened to it.
  13. This is a bizarre one. :/

    So if we rule out Staff/Admin actions, annual wipe & name confusion...

    I'd be tempted to say self-deletion, but I looked at the page myself. Doing so is very intentional and requires the input of information.
    It's not something that can accidently happen from mis-clicking and lag (and even then, traces of old posts would remain).

    I'm thinking it's more likely something like a Staff Mix-Up happened.
    But assuming that isn't the case I'm just going to start shooting for the far out/unlikely possibilities until we find a way to track the account.

    Is it possible it's another site she joined, not Iwaku?
    Is the username up above a typo? Like, maybe what you have us looking for is the proper acronym but the username for the file itself is where the typo lies?
  14. Found her xD This is her user name going off a quoted texted I found using Iwaku's general search tool:


    And got ninja'ed
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  15. Can we just ban name changes now Diana? xD haha
  16. What? And Stop my forever expanding name?

  17. This thread just gave us two reasons why my idea is so good! :D Pwease!
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  18. OMG THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!! She completely forgot out her name change that i didn't even know she had made!! Thank you!!
  19. SEE, I KNEW IT WAS A FORGOTTEN LOGIN NAmE THING! Even if I guessed the wrong account. O___O That was the only thing it could have been.
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