Help me with my homework! (No real effort required)

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  1. Help me with my homework (We have a match!)

    So, for a certain class I need 25 people to give me their birthdays, not the year, just the month and day of said month.

    I know my own birthday, so I just need 24 replies from different people telling me theirs, and I can complete my assignment and maybe get an A from the results. It takes only a few seconds to do and you'll be helping a fellow Iwakuan out, so do it please?
  2. December 11. Factoid: Star Trek First Contact first hit theatres on this day. I had a geekgasm when my sister bought me tickets that day.
  3. May 23. Nothing interesting that I know of. My papa wore a pink hat.
  4. Why? No, I'm curious, what does knowing a small sample of people's birthdays have to do with anything?
  5. February 22nd. My mom and siblings were took sick to celebrate and I was recovering from the flu, so I stayed at my current home (boyfriend's family house) where I got Zombieland and candles for presents. We had ice cream cake and my fave dinner: Chicken Parmesan, baked asparagus and noodles.
  6. March 13....

    My siblings' birthdays: November 13 and July 31
    My parents' birthdays: June 19 and September 15
  7. June 5.
  8. They are going to round up your soul and grind it into jelly?
  9. Meh even if I am reduced to ectoplasm its worth the risk,

    23rd September.
  10. July 31.

    I'd guess it's some sort of math thing? Had to do something like this myself before...but just came up with imaginary people ;-; I was too QUIET, POLITE AND MEEK to ask anyone for their b-days.
  11. Got the same birthday as Captain Nic ... November 7th
  12. Awesome, now I can explain.
    I was supposed to find out whether there was a match (at least one pair of people with the same Month/day birthday) within a random sample 25 people, and since there are...that should be all I need. I couldn't explain it beforehand because this way a lie is just as useful as the truth.

    And yes, it's for a probability and statistics class, I think it's called the birthday problem. The math part is to find out how many people there need to be for there to be about a 50% chance of at least one pair of matching birthdays.
  13. YAY! I partially helped, but as Diana told me there is actually more people on here that share birthdays...........felt like sharing that as well! Good luck with your thing though
  14. I'M AUGUST 26! :D
  15. January 1st, New Year's Day. Now that's probably not a common one.
  16. Only means your parents had sex on April Fools Day.
  17. November 3rd.

    and for reference, the year was 1989. best year in the history of the world.

    as far as im concerned anway.
  18. Wouldn't you need a much larger pool to work with for that to get p = 0.5 (50%)? Or are you doing an extrapolation problem?