Help me practise tarot reading? (what I mean is, free readings inside)

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  1. I've been getting into tarot for some time. I've read mostly for myself, and have done some readings for friends and family members, but I'm reaching a point where I'm comfortable enough to branch out and try to do more readings for other people. Still, I'm a bit subconscious of saying in on facebook as not everyone knows that I'm into these kind of things, and in tumblr I have almost no followers so surely my announcement will be met with silence >_>

    Would anyone here like a reading? I won't ask for your actual name or pictures of anything, just maybe tell me a bit about yourself, and to tell me your question.

    I'll do it with a pretty angels tarot deck (it's a bit weird, it doesn't have major and minor arcanas, but it has 78 cards o.O), and you can ask for a special spread if you want. Just not a 20 cards spread please xD
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  2. I've always been curious what a tarot reading would say about me :D I've done a good handful of different reading things, which all were legit so far, though i've never done tarot before. Closest thing to future reading I've had was my odd amount of deja'vu dreams o.o (and horoscope, though I tend to read those after a day as I find it more interesting)

    So I'll help ya out ^^ though I'll have to aim for tomorrow DX
  3. Hey, thanks for replying :D Do you mean you want to ask about tomorrow, or you'll leave me your question tomorrow? o.o
  4. Let's do both :D :D

    Just joking :P I meant do the reading tomorrow. I don't really know how tarot reading works, though I imagine it'll take a bit of time, time I don't quite have today DX
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  5. In person it takes time depending on the spread, mine tends to drag on a lot because I tend to chat a lot with the other person and throw in some numerology.

    But the way I've seen it done in the internet is you give me the question or inquiry, specify if you want any particular spread, I do it when I have the time and write you a message with the results. Of course this would happen in PMs, this thread is just to see if anyone is interested n.n
  6. Ooooh, definitely interested. I've always wanted to do an official tarot reading that isn't online - those never really felt genuine I suppose. Also. Free tarot readings. I'm a cheapskate.

    Don't know how this all works though, so you'll have to guide me through it regardless (also not in a rush to know the results or whatnot as well).
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  7. Okay! I'm full for the day, but I'll send you a PM to tell you how I'll do it, and I'll do it tomorrow or or wednesday. Thanks for the interest :)
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  8. Me! Pick me! I'd love to get a free reading!
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  9. Yay, another one! I'll PM you soon with the details n.n
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  10. A few readings done by now, and I'm still taking requests! :)
  11. Do me next!!!!!!!!! XD
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  12. Is that a dirty proposal? ;) Just kidding xD Want to send me a PM with your question, or doubts if you don't exactly know how to go about the reading?
  13. I have been reading Tarot for 39 years and I would love to help you find your stride. PM me.
  14. XD this time around it's not dirty but depending on the reading maybe a dirty proposal is next xD.

    Will pm you when I get home tonight, always wanted to do a tarot reading^^
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  15. I've always wanted a reading!

    A friend of a friend is a pretty serious tarot.. person idk what you like to be called. But she never had time for me XD

    hmu! :D
  16. Okay! But I got many requests in tumblr, so it might take a couple of days until I get to you n.n
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  17. PM me whenever you get your chance! I'm patient c:
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  18. I would love to have a tarot reading done! I was actually wondering if you would like to teach me as well. Tarot is something I've always been interested in learning about. <3

    Should I send you the PM or you me? o w o
  19. Hi! n.n For the reading, I have many requests at the moment (I offered at tumblr too) so it'll be some days until I can get to you. I'm a beginner too, but in the meantime if you want to send me a PM to talk about how to get started in tarot or tarot in general, feel free to message me n.n
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