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  1. What is the quickest way to move a roleplay from teh needs players to like mines fantasy to the fantasy part
  2. Do you mean from "roleplay signups" to the fantasy section?
  3. Well, you don't move the OOC threads. XD You leave them in the Signups forum and then start a brand new thread in the Fantasy section for all of the IC posts. That way you have a place to chat about the roleplay, so you don't have all that chatter breaking up or getting in the way of the roleplay itself.
  4. Ok so do i put like the Charicter infromation and stuff on it then or just leave it in there??
  5. Ya
  6. Naw, you just go ahead and start the roleplay. :D All your character info and plot stuff stays in your OOC thread. You CAN put a link to the OOC at the start of the roleplay thread so people can find it easier, though.
  7. Well, you have to do what Diana says, you have to start another thread in the main fantasy section
  8. Ok thanks you guys ill remember that