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  1. Now, this is going to sound weird, but I will cut right to the chase.
    A while back there was an event in the chat room and all, but I want to know who one of the people was.
    That person called itself Farfetched in the thing.

    For curiosity sake, let me know who this mysterious guest is!
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  2. Is this for something serious?

    Because if so you should probably be asking the staff directly.
  3. I believe Farfetched was none other than the lovely @Esthalia :)
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  4. Woah, that's a Farfetched claim you got there. :P
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  5. *Smacks* Didn't you already make a poke-pun thread? >:x
  6. I did, but isn't slapping me over making a pun here also a little farfetched?
  7. I'll doubleslap you if you don't stop with these pokepuns >:[
  8. This hostility is very onix-pected.
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  9. Hahah! Yeah, I played Farfetched for that charp. I actually posted in the charp thread who I was :)

    I'm kinda flattered that character stuck with you <3
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  10. You better stop or we're going to raichu up ;P
  11. By any chancey this is a legit warning via pun? :P
  12. [​IMG]

  13. ...I just realized that ring in the background of my picture there makes Wobbuffet look like he's on fucking Halo.
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  14. Flood Spores; gotta catch 'em all!
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  15. Wait a minute...

    Capturing creatures, having them forcibly evolve then using them to fight for you:

    Grave mind is a Pokemon master.
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  16. mind
  17. Preferred type Poison?
  18. Foe GraveMind would like to battle!

    Go charmander!

    Foe GraveMind sent out Flood Spore!

    Charmander used scratch, flood spore has been defeated!

    GraveMind sent out Flood Carrier!

    Flood carrier used self-destruct!

    Gravemind's party has become restocked with Spore Pods.
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