Help Me Out Of Boredom!

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  1. So, I love to roleplay, but my partners are rarely on. I need someone who will understand why I am gone for two days, but not in a row. Also I play girl... and.... I have plots. I like to roleplay horror, but the one that is being scared or... hurt. I also like romance, just tell me what you want and I can give you the plot. Or we can brainstorm.
  2. How bout we brainstorm?
  3. That'd be great. What pairing shall we do?
  4. *Shrug* Probably M/F because I only has 2 characters at the moment and they're both dudes.
  5. alright.. well what sort of rp you wanna do??? like horror/evil, or romancy?
  6. Hmm.....I am kinda in the mood for a bit of romance.
  7. Alrighty... So lets maybe have two best friends who care for each other... and one of them one night is getting raped and the other saves her and takes her home, wanting to protect her.
    We can add some stuff. like maybe she ends up pregnant
  8. Alright what would yoy.want to like teacher x student, prince x slave, master x slave
  9. Oh, lets go with Teacher/Student. Never done that one before.
  10. Haha okay, so they have a little 'romance' in the summer. Then they can remeet when the school year kicks back in, and she is getting abused , he is getting suspcious cause she is coming in late.. and don't have a note.. also he starts to do something about it when she gets beat really bad? So he sorta has feelings for her? And stuff.
  11. Cool stuff. I guess i'll play teh student?
  12. Welll... I was hoping you can play the teacher?
  13. Hmm....Give me a bit so I can possibily work out my charry's.
  14. Haha, okay I will give you some time :3
  15. Coolos. Thanks.
  16. Sorry, I was having laptop issues plus I nearly forgot about this.
  17. Oh, are we still wanting to do this?!
  18. Oh yeah we are. A striking Idea on which character ima use entered my head. I'll just put this in:

    Allen Seiei, 23 years old and a new computer teacher before he gets taken in as a IT security personal. He's also helping the other teachers whose not tech literate so that's how the two characters met during school.