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Fantasy, medieval fantasy, vampires and other supernatural creatures, magical, yaoi, mature, romance, horror. I also have a thing for darker themes. More than everything I love varied roleplays, with comedy, drama, action and dark things all thrown in.
Hi there! I'm an Argentinian artist, trying to make a living in art. I'm trying to get started in Fiverr. I've been told that getting your first sales there is super hard, and can take months, if it ever happens. But once you start getting clients, Fiverr starts sending more and more of them your way. Because of this, if you're looking to get art of your characters, maybe consider me commissioning me on Fiverr?

Commission me on Fiverr <3

Examples of my work:

color light portrait practice 1.jpg Cathedrals of mourning.jpg dragolisco dtiys.jpg Michael.jpg Hechicero para Tau.jpg

NALGOTHICC sam (2).jpg maid n tentacles twitter.jpg