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A lot has changed since I've last RPed. There are different standards nowadays, and I'll be the first to admit I probably don't meet all of them. That said I need a partner to help me out. Preferably for the long haul, if that's alright with you.

First, a slight about me: I ramble.


So, the Circus. Think on it for a second. If you're thinking of clowns, clowns, and nothing but rainbow-fro, big-shoe, and red-nose toating clowns, then STOP right here. Take a breath with me. I'll try to paint a better picture.

I'm drawing into a well of musicals; operas; the Cirque du Soleil. Wires, catwalks, setups and tear-downs; a child's wildest dreams turned into man-made live art. So many yards of ropes, curtains, and cloth; mere vehicles, the modus operandi, for flight above an enthralled audience. The trapeze artists, the animal tamers, the ringmaster; jugglers, singers, dancers; ALL the cogs in the machine...yes, including the clowns, BUT not just "clowns." Level with me.

You know Pip. We all know Pip. He hates his job, hates his life, hates the audience, hates to laugh...we all know Pip. He puts on that crazy wig, stupid makeup, big ol' shoes, and fake face every day until closing time. He'll complain about the smell of the popcorn, his bunions, a nasal infection, and the color of the moon, as long as it's not the end of the pay period. We love Pip. He's a good guy, and we know he could do better with himself. Frankly, he deserves a better career. The fellas in back appreciate his no-nonsense critique of the administration, and he's a hoot n' a half to hang out with after-hours. Pip's got grit, and while he's not the best clown, he is the best person to drink with. He's the best person to ask for a favor. He's the best person to gossip with. Pip rocks. (You probably wouldn't believe I'm trying to talk you into a romance, huh.)

But it's a circus. There's more than one clown. Plenty of people probably don't like Pip. You could be one of them, and that's awesome, because Pip is a hypothetical. Point is, characters are who you make them, and I need you to...well, help me make them. BUT more specifically, make them around US and our characters.


I'm gonna go right out and say it. I really want to RP a trapeze artist that makes waves. This guy's a venerable bag of paradox; a rookie with a chip on his shoulder; he works everyday to prove that he's got nothing to prove; cold shoulder with a toasty temper. I want to...but I'm not set on it. And that's because I've got neeeeeds.

Hoo baby do I have needs.

I NEED stable main characters, and that always feels like a miracle job. I need you to click with me, man, and I KNOW you need me to click with you too. It's a feeling, and I consider it one of the most important ones to take stock in. I also NEED someone to check me. I want to make a good character, not just one that fits my wants for the day. Those change, and lemme tell ya, they change often (I'm already having misgivings about the whole trapeze artist thing, tbh). I need characters that soak to the bone and make teeth chatter, y'know? A journalist getting a big scoop only to get in over their head; a singer looking to become more and more than they already are, over-saturating themselves to some end or another; a man in the rafters just trying to keep people alive...

I want characters, but, I NEED someone to work with me to make them amazing. Plain and simple.

In Conclusion:

I want someone to dig in deep with, on the real. If you read through all of this, you're the GOAT. I know it's just a lot of blathering, but if you can handle this, you can toootally handle me in general. I want to talk this out and make something really cool with a partner-in-crime, so know I have more concrete details waiting in the wings to pinball your way.

Hit me up with a PM if you're interested, and let me know what you want to see come out of this!
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