Help Me Do Artz! [Art Trades too!]

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  1. Hi there, people of Iwaku!

    My name is Summer, and I am currently looking for people to help me fill out my portfolio. I have only recently started digital art as a medium, and I am trying to practice to hone my skills as a artist!

    Now, you're probably wondering: "But Summeh! What does THAT have to do with ME?"

    Well, I am wanting to have people request art from me, that's where you come in! It's one thing to draw for myself, but another to have someone ASK you to do something, and have THEM give you guidance.

    So... This is sort of fun for me, and I want to have fun with people, alright?

    My style is a mix of manga and anime, if that makes sense! When I mean Manga, I am talking about the thick, dark eyes that are super girly and is almost always found in manga compared to anime (I only say that because there are anime series that look like the manga, as well as manga that look a lot like anime.)

    Lastly, I don't have any images to show for my art style, since I have not done many pieces yet. These are FREE, so there is NO HARM in me making something that comes out horrible and you don't like. If you don't like something that I make, that's alright because you aren't paying for it, so you AREN'T losing ANYTHING.
    So... Here's the catch:

    I may have all the time in the world, but this is sort of a hobby at the moment. So, I can only take on a few people at a time.

    The way that this is going to be handled is I will have a current list, and I will have a waiting list as well. To make it fair, it will be a sort of "first come, first serve" type deal. I will only let the waiting list get so full before I close this thread (and I'll reopen it once everyone is done~)

    I will be posting EVERY, COMPLETED, picture on DeviantArt. The only reason that I would do that is because I am the artist, so I should have the right to say "Hey, I made this!" So, in a way we both would own said piece, just in different ways. And, I will add my signature somewhere in the image, so don't remove it because it sort of makes you an [radio edit] :-3

    Also, if you would like to do an art trade, feel free to ask with your request! Art trades are always fun!
    For requests, I'm going to ask that I am given reference images. This is only for face, body type, clothing and hair style (feel free to send me multiple images if that is what you would like!) Colors don't have to be in the image either, and you can just simply tell me as you post the image!

    I will do anything from headshots all the way to full body, but I need to work on faces and hair as of right now, so headshots are more ideal (plus they are quicker to make!)

    Also, I will open a PM with you to give you updates and to ask questions after I start if you post in this thread (just to keep things private.) Feel free to send me a pm for the request, or just leave it down below! Either is fine for me :)
    This tab will be semi-empty until this starts getting filled up. It will be the "currently serving" list, as well as the "waiting" list.

    "Hey, get my art done!"
    No one currently in this list!

    "I'm waiting for meh arts!"
    No one currently in this list!
    Soon to be filled out with pieces that I have made for friends and the people of Iwaku! I will post finished images here and on my DeviantArt (possibly here, down below, and on my DeviantArt!)
    Check out my DeviantArt!
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  2. Hey mate, I don't really have anything I want/need to commission, but I do want to give you hints to improve as an artist.
    First thing, step outside of your style, I understand you're more comfortable atm with manga style and maybe that's the sort of art you enjoy... thing is that particular style looks great if done by expert artists, but it's really not the thing you should be doing if you're learning.
    I say the first thing you should do is try to draw some thing with realism and detail, like anatomy and muscle groups, after you have your muscles and proportions right, you can pretty much do anything as your brain will put together how the muscles tie together and you then draw any pose. After that you need to practice with proportions a lot, proportions and perspective to try and make some nice poses, drawing a static character facing forward is rather easy, but a samurai drawing his blade not so much...
    And for faces I recommend trying realistic portraits as well, again try to see how the different parts of the face bend together, from the eyes you'll have guide lines for the nose and then the mouth and then some more face details...
    basically draw from the inside towards the outside, which is very against all manga tutorials... once you've mastered drawing in a more realistic style you can go back to manga, you'll see how much easier everything is and how it makes much more sense.

    Hope that was helpful,
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  3. ^^^^^ I can't stress what Hades said enough!

    As someone who does graphic design now, I did a lot of manga/anime style a lot until like my junior/senior years of high school. This was because at that point, I thought about doing game design, and wanted to start creating a world and characters and I wanted to do game art. Well, as I looked at schools and got them to look at my portfolio, a thing a lot of them said was that they thought the manga/anime style was too easy.

    So I started doing a lot more realism, and I learned a lot. I actually prefer it to manga/anime. ANYWAY. Draw lots of still lifes, and then move onto other objects and then people. I learned that working my way up to drawing people, and now people are my favorite subject to illustrate :)
  4. Hello! I've been looking for help in a project and you might be interested. Would you like to try?

    I'll leave the Link to the thread where you can see more of what i'm looking for, and you're invited to join me in this challenge! Thank you for your time!

    ART REQUEST - Wonders of a Nascent World - Sardonya needs help!

    Would you like me to add something to the request? Send me a PM in any case so we can all improve.