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  1. I am in desperate need of a few things darlings. But, first, let me give you a sneak peak into this little world I wish to create.

    Wyria exists in a galaxy approximately 12.9 billion light years away. It is a planet covered in wild forests, raging rivers, a large sea, and a mountain range known as Erutbles Mountains. And is home to some interesting creatures. The sacred Wyrven, who are wolf-like creature with long sharp fangs that protrude from their mouths, and other strange, colorful wildlife are abundant on the planet.

    However,it is home to a few more sentient creatures as well. The Fiori, the Tortencia, and the Phyla. All carry out an essential role on the planet, and for many years, they have lived in relative peace with one another. But, this is all about to change very, very soon.

    Travel to Wyria
    ^^A link to the thread wit more details on the role play, since

    I really don't want to rewrite all this.

    Design Scheme:
    • Colors :: Dark blue, light blue, silver, white, forest green.
    • Fonts :: Chopin Script, Lover's Quarrel, Brock Script, are a few examples I like
    • Graphics to Include :: There are 3 moons on Wyria, Large magical forests filled colorful plants and trees
    • If you can draw a map for me, contact me about how exactly I want it designed.

    So what am I looking for you might ask?
    • A Thread Box
    • Thread Header
    • A Map
    • 3-4 designs based on showcasing the landscape of this world is going to look like. Anything from creations of the creatures, plant life, etc etc.
    I'm not looking for one specific person to do this for me, though it will be nice if we can all work together because I do want this to have a cohesive final look. I am asking for this out of the kindness of your hearts, though if you truly are interested I can reserve some higher positions in this world for you,as long as you can remain active. That is the only reward I am able to give however.
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