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  1. This year, nebkon has landed on halloween day…

    I'll have a job…

    Which means money…


    This year I'm determined to cosplay- I just don't know what I want to cosplay as hehe. Do you guys have any suggestions?
  2. That'd depend on what series or fandoms you like.
  3. Everything.

    I just need to siphon everyone's idea juice so I can concoct my own potion of badassery >:)
  4. Cosplay whatever you want.

    Really, I get so pissy and fed-up with people who say you can only cosplay as someone you look like, or if you're overweight you shouldn't be cosplaying sexy characters, or if you are black you can't cosplay non-black characters...


    We're ALL dressing up as characters! WHY ARE THERE RULES?!

    Dress up who you want, and fuck all the haters. You'll have more fun that way.
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  5. Mmmmm that's tough to decide.

    Madoka might be fun as hell, be a magical girl....CONTRACT?!?


    Maybe a video game character you made yourself.


    An adventure time cosplay would be so fun!






    A jellyfish


    Sailor Saturn!


    Oh god I'll come back tomorrow with more ideas sleepy brain has taken over :|
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  6. -A wild cosplayer appears!-

    I would suggest to do something simple that would be in your creativity range. Also, if you want to get that perfect 'look' with makeup, whether cosplaying as a girl or guy, contorting and highlighting is your best friend. And a cheap, yet awesome way to create armour would be foam sheets. No shit. You must have a heat gun to use however as it's best to get than bend and shape. Use layers for thickness and for ridges, just cut out pieces and glue. For intricate designs like runes or bolts, using a hot glue gun makes it very easy too.

    Some examples of what you can create with craft foam. You can buy packs for under $5 at Walmart. If want more advice, shoot me a message!

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  7. [​IMG]

    I've always wanted to cosplay these characters with someone. Too bad I can't sow... Sorry it's not really a tip, I just wanted to share my own cosplay wish XD
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  8. Honestly, one glance and you can modify clothes to create that. Thrift stores are very handy for that and getting clothes to modify is a great way to learn.
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  9. Well it's not like I haven't looked, but it's the sleeveless coats that are the problem. They have a very specific look and I haven't been able to find anything remotely similar.
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  10. Have you looked into patterns that are similar?


    This is what I'm working on at the moment for myself, not minding my commissions. LOL. It's awkward walking around with sharpened fake nails on your toes.
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  11. I can't wait to see that O.O
  12. If you want a REALLY easy one to do try making a white or black mage costume. Like from the older final fantasys. It's basically creating a robe with a hood or a hat, gloves, a staff, and boots. The boots can actually just be ones you like when you think about it. They're simple in design and aren't super complicated in terms of the pattern. I planned on making a white mage robe sewing machine doesn't have it's tension set properly so it breaks thread all the time and I don't know how to do hems on my own....BUT I can quilt so that's something I can do instead.
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. This guy is Epic

  15. And this looks like a super awesome BMO cosplay concept

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  16. My personal advice list for cosplaying in general. This is mostly for new cosplayers who don't have a lot of experience, so if you already know how to sew and have a lot of free time, then just ignore me.

    1) Keep it within your budget: I would say set how much you want to spend on the costume and try not to go over it. Thrift stores and online shopping would help a lot with this. But expect to spend somewhere in the triple digits, unless you are just awesome. (And if you can do it cheaper, then please post some hints for me!)

    2) Keep it simple: This comes across in a lot of ways. If this is your first costume, then you might not want to choose your all-time favorite character, and instead just choose someone with a relatively easy and recognizable costume.

    3) Don't get obsessed with accuracy: (I've fallen into that trap before) I guess this is part of keeping it simple. Don't freak out about making it look "exactly" like the character.

    4) Make it easy to wear: This is my personal rule, because I sweat a lot. Remember you will be walking around a convention all day, so at least consider giving up the six inch heels or otherwise uncomfortable shoes, and also consider how much you might perspire in the costume. If this doesn't matter to you, then that's fine. Personally I had an elaborate costume for my first DragonCon that I didn't wear because it was too damn hot (September in Atlanta and I had to walk outside to get there.)

    5) Don't listen to haters: Some assholes might say your costume sucks no matter what you do. They are assholes and deserve exactly none of your time and attention.

    6) Don't feel obligated to listen to anything I just said. :-)

    7) Have fun, and when you finish I hope you post pics up here on Iwaku!
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  17. Cosplay never has to be expensive! I've made full on armor sets including fur, etc, and the most I spent on one was... $67 dollars?
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  18. I think of "decent" as under 200. But that's because I have to buy some parts pre-made as I can't sew and cannot even cut in straight lines or glue without making a big mess. Yes, I basically fail at kindergarten skills. I'd like to improve, but I don't have the time and money to deal with the inevitable failures that would come as part of that learning process right now.

    So that was just from personal experience.
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  19. It's all the matter of where you shop, and your level of creativity, really. I can get away with elaborate cosplays for under $100 because I am resourceful, and can make a lot of things from scratch. I draw my own patterns, etc. So I don't believe in "decent" under $200. Money isn't all about cosplay. It's an craft, it's only going to be as good as your skills.

    When you get into latex work like I have though, it gets VERY expensive, especially if you screw something up and have to restart.
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