HELP Help me and my Weebism!

Discussion in 'HELP DESK' started by Akaida Martins, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. Hello, I am back to being a Weeb and have binged most of the anime Berserk. Now I am making a world/RP based off of it, and I was hoping I could get some one on one opinions and maybe suggestions, since I have hit a wall of uncertainty. I can't pick which path to go down from the point I have arrived at (which isn't far in my opinion.) So, if I could receive a few PMs to help me get pass my not-so-humongous problems.
  2. Sounds like you should post a thread in the interest checks section. It's where GM's post RP ideas that aren't finalized yet, so that they can see who's interested in their idea and get feedback on how to move forward and hear what else people would like to see in their RP.