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  1. Hey everyone. One of the local youth groups in my area, Pizza Klatch, is trying to win a $25,000 grant from State Farm. The group provides a safe spot for high schoolers to discuss issues for LGBT+ youth and their allies during lunch, with pizza provided.

    Go here to vote
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  2. Did you clear this with Jesus?
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  3. I asked my cousin (Jesus) and he said it's fine. Then he said to stop calling him at work. He's a farm hand.

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  4. Send me fucking pizza and money pls and thnx
  5. No
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  6. "Fuck yeah I'm gunna vote the shit out of this! I'm all about supporting my fellow LGBT+ peeps!"

    *clicks on the link*

    "Facebook login
    Email or Phone:

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  7. They've only got 5 more days left!
  8. Voted.

    My only question: How good is their pizza?

    Cause I totally don't want to be supporting a place with terrible pizza :P
  9. If they got more money I'm sure the quality of their pizza would improve :o
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  10. Use remaining votes for today: Awww yiss.
  11. Two days left!
  12. Thank you everyone that took the time to vote. From their FB page:
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  13. Let's dance!
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