Help Leo win an Oscar!

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  1. You do know the internet will break when that happens, right?
  2. So will Googling Google.
  3. Who gives a fuck.
  4. @Dervish

    Did you click the link? It's just a silly flash game based on a pop culture reference.
  5. I didn't, but you can't go anywhere on the internet these days without someone complaining about him deserving an Oscar like it's a bad meme.
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  6. *Whispers in Dervish's ear*

    The first hint was the tag. :P
  7. Like lube, there's no time for tags.
  8. The ice berg sank his chances, and I'm too lazy to help him again. -leaves him cryin on the bottom of the ocean-
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  9. But guys... Just look at him. :(

  10. Good, cry, that will give hollywood more money. (Is denying him his Oscar only because the tears becomes more genuine during filming)
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  11. That... That's brilliant! O_O
  12. There is always a purpose for the cruelty in this world :D
  13. I think I lost at round 7. The ending score tally screen made me lol.

    Also, relevant:

  14. I lost at round 6 when the giant Oscar Statue popped up.
  15. NO! He must be Oscar-less forever!!
  16. Are the oscars even still relevant?
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  17. No, just every awards show. The Oscar’s, Grammy’s, Academy Awards, Teen Choice Awards, BET awards, Tony’s. They are all irrelevant to everything.

    Also, he will win an Oscar when he deserves one. He is a good actor, but he hasn’t gotten one because some one has pulled an amazing performance out of their ass. While he is just consistently good, not amazing.

    Also, We should make me a community volunteer so I can clean up all the shitposting. Its beginning to smell and drift to other sections.
Thread Status:
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