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Thank you for taking a moment to at least click on my thread. Whether you read it or not, is up to you. I can't force you to read it, but I will try to keep you entertained for the most part!
Have you ever had a book full of characters that you wanted to use, but they seemed rather "undeveloped"? Yup, me too...or I may be the only one; not sure. I love creating characters as I always have the greatest (in my opinion) ideas for my characters, however plot making is a short downfall for me. I'm not horrible at making plots but I believe my taste are either too strange or just out of date. Still not sure. Anyways, let's get to the point. Down below is just a short list of characters in my Personal Character Encyclopedia. Some I am looking for full on Roleplays to participate them in or just miniature ones to get the developing rolling. Of course miniature ones don't have to be simple and down, they can grow into full on RPs.
I would also like to apologize in advance if some of my Character Sheets seem different compared to others. I started to do something new.

*Most of my characters are intended for 18+ RPs either it be Horror or Libertine. However, this does not mean they have to be in that genre. If you understand this, then you may proceed with caution.

∇ = Pride in Character, Favorite
♥ = Libertine Related Character
∴ = Horror Related Character
∞ = Any Genre and/or Plot
ℑ = Miniature, Developing
× = Needs Heavy Developing
ℜ = Full on RP

Shabriri's Character Encyclopedia

∴ ∞ ℜ

Serafina Ruta (Sir-ah-Feenah Roo-tah)
Also Known As "Gąsienicowe Skóry" Or "Skin Crawler"

Zodiac of the Capricornus Stars
Case ID Number is S-803

Serafina is known to be dressed in dark clothing to assist in blending in with the night. There has been no known reports of the woman, freely, revealing any part of her body including face as they are constantly covered in clothing of various sorts. She has clouded, emerald eyes with one being more 'aware' of surroundings than the other. Few reports claim that Serafina's skin tone is pale with a sickly hue from unknown causes. However, some also claim that her body is far beyond the normal and 'red patches' could be seen from careless exposures in her clothing. The woman is registered to have natural brown hair, just a tad longer than shoulder length, average height and thinning body weight.
There seems to be infectious areas near the mouth, eyes and arms. All other locations of possible infection could be unknown. Upon Case study, it has become clear Serafina is capable of, somehow, controlling certain infection areas to become less noticeable. How, is unclear. During minor form changing , the host experiences heavy pain and sensitivity. There also seems to be unstable moments where the host's body changes dramatically in unimaginable ways. There is no public explanation on how these form changes occur and if they can be changed willingly.

Born on January, 3rd 1986
Hometown of Jastrzębie-Zdrój, Poland

Human is Polish
Last Dated Entry of Height was 5'4" and Weighed 132 Ilb.
Has both A and B Antigens. (Bloodtype AB)
Somatotype Mesoderm, Body Build is Focused on the Muscles, Heart and Blood Vessels
Caucasian Pallor Tone (Pale)

Serafina's diet consist of both 'original' and 'abnormal' tastes. While she is capable to eat and digest fruits, veggies and proteins; she has been known to have unusual tastes and cravings for skin cells of both her own and others. This makes her potentially dangerous. Serafina also has desires for blood, certain organs, and partakes in thorough cannibalism.

Other than unknown infectious areas of her skin, there have been tales of bone pieces being visible from different places of her body. It is unknown what causes this or if these tales are true. Others have claim to see extra limbs or growths that have been actively moving without control. There is little known of any and all abnormalities and their causes.
It has been assumed that she is as vulnerable as an average human. However, these 'tales' could assist or handicap her dexterity, strength or capability to use average human functions. While the causes for these skin infections and possible deformities are unknown, it is believed that the body is reacting to an allergen of sorts. Possibly the air, or from living situations. If tales of bones appearing outside of the body, the host may of experienced broken bones that were never healed properly.
In past reports, Serafina has had preexisting mental disorders of severe anxiety, depression and schizophrenia. We believe these could have let to the present situation.

Known Languages are Polish, German, and English
With an IQ of 164 Above Average

Serafina is an Ablutomaniac, having an obsession with washing herself clean. One of the possible reasons her skin is covered in wounds from excessive rubbing. It is believed this was started due to a panic of the infections located at various locations of the body. However, it is known that she has also grown to having a phobia of touching other people or being touched by another person, also known as Haphephobia.
She has a melancholic temperament; meaning she is introverted, sensitive, and may crave perfection in certain areas. Serafina can also be known to lash out in anger or fear.

Deep down, Serafina means well but struggles to remain emotionally and physically stable. Due to this, many can see her to be; hostile and a criminal at times. When faced by a stranger, Serafina can appear stand-offish and unwilling to communicate. Though when faced with someone she has known, she can be reliable, calm and wise yet soft-spoken.

While there has been no government based criminal record, Scientists have witnessed Murder, and Assault from their studies.

Has no known family.

∇ ♥/∴ × ℑ
Avalaina (Ae-vah-lane-AH)
Also Known as "The Dream Seducer" or "Twisted Angel"

Avalaina holds no physical body in reality and is able to appear as many, sexual icons in a person's dream. However, there is a reoccurring icon that some believe is Avalaina's truest from and known as the "Twisted Angel". As the Twisted Angel, she has long, ivory colored hair that flows like a gentle river. Generally there is no articles of clothing on her smooth, lightly tanned body; But her ivory hair can be used to hide the genitals and breasts from view. Other times, a revealing white dress is worn with black stockings just short from her round bosom. Those who have seen this image of Avalaina are told to become cursed or worse; suffer through eternal pain of any future erection or general location of the genitals.
Avalaina has crystallized, aqua colored eyes and shares a highly seductive glance. With plump lips, and a perfectly curved body; she is considered
"Every Beings Dirty Desire". When in the presence of Avalaina, a unique aroma of berries, roses and 'sex' can be smelled from just looking at her. Strangely, the only time one can tell they are being faced with Avalaina in their dreams is by her ears as they never seem to change. Her ears are elven-like, with tips of a brushed red. When clothed in her revealing, white dress; her hands near-perfect with vicious claws as nails. Sometimes they can seem
'painted' with red, violet or black.

Born on an Unknown Date
Hometown is Unkown

Dream Wanderer acts French
Idea of Height was 5'6" and Weighed 115 Ilb.
Bloodtype is Undefined
Caucasian Pallor Tone (Pale)

There is no specific diet Avalaina, however as the Twisted Angel; she craves the reproductive cells or sperm of the counterpart. Unfortunately, during this specific presence of Twisted Angel, if the counterpart successfully ejaculates on or in her, they suffer constant pain from future erections or general location of the genitals.
She can be seen any sort of foods in a person's dream, whether if it's her true diet or not is unknown.

Twisted Angel has a special "friend" that accompanies her during her haunting occasions known as; Breaker. Or as Avalaina would play with words, whisper "Break Her" in the counterparts ear. Breaker is a large bird of sorts that appears as a similar ivory coloring and red in it's feathers. While it can appear innocent, behind it's metallic mask is a monstrous being with it's beak split apart in four directions. Once the mask is removed, Breaker's beak blooms open and unleashes striking blades unto the opposing person.

Known Languages are Any.
*Is able to mimic all languages and accents, dependent on the counter part.
With an IQ of ∞

*How smart the Dreamer Wanderer is, is unknown.

∞ ℜ
(Older CS)
Rexi Violi
Age: Twenty Seven (27)
Gender: Female
Species: Feline, Fawn Somali (Anthro)
Sexuality: Pan

Birth: May/20/xx
Zodiac: Taurus
HomeTown: New York, New York
Current: Somewhere in Japan
Favorite Color: Hot Pink
Gem: Opal

Current Occupation: Visual Kei Artist
Past Occupation: Book Store Clerk
Lifestyle: Musically Influenced
Condition: Healthy

Personality: Rexi is active, curious, and high-spirited, and loves to prance around generally getting into mischief. She is rather soft spoken and prefers to speak with her body, though her mind is active. Rexi tends to be highly determined: Once she gets an idea in her head, there's no dissuading her. She’s not aggressive or unfriendly, just tenacious.
Rexi is affectionate and wants to be involved in every aspect of your life, however does not like to be cuddled or held. If she wants to be on you, she will make the first move.

Mentality: The world is a giant dance floor waiting to be stepped on. She believes that there is no harm in having some fun, however will not be afraid to place someone in their place if they are stepping over boundaries. Colors are tasteful according to her. Rexi finds it important to make sure everyone around her is happy.

Biography: With free flowing energy and raving cravings, Rexi never exactly fit in with the gray, dull business life of New York. At the age of nineteen, she acquired a job as a Bookstore Clerk since her soft voice was more than appreciated there. Though during her time, plenty of books have been read by her.
Rexi’s sense of style was creative, colorful and bold making her stand out from the crowd every single time in New York. In the distance of a suited walkway, if you happen to see a ray of colors; you could count on it to be Rexi. While she enjoyed being “different”, she never felt welcomed in their society and was eager to move on. One day while she was working at the Bookstore, she came across a book about the influences in Japan that had a cover full of people dressed similar to her. Within the book she learned about a fashion statement known as “Visual Kei”, something she could get use to. Saving up enough money and making a few friends through the internet; she headed over to Japan. Now she works as a Visual Kei artist, looking to become professional. Rexi spends her time at raves, working and having fun.. You would be lucky if you could keep up with her.
The more personal life of Rexi is hidden away as she rarely talks about when she was younger or her love life. Her childhood was never bad, nor had she ever encountered anything tragic other that a few lost souls. “Childhood is never important in the now.” is her thoughts on such matters. With a small smile, a soft voice and exotic way of dressing; she may blend into society now but Rexi is still unique.

∴ ∞ ℜ × ∇
Janice the Alice, Death's Alice

[BCOLOR=transparent] Janice the Alice, Death’s Alice[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]Age: Unkown[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]Gender: Female[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]Sexuality: Pan[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Birth: Unknown[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]Hometown: Underworld[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]Favorite Color: Red Like Apple[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]Gem: Red Tanzania Like Gentle Blood[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Death’s puppet, a woman with no concept of emotions. Lifeless and alone, she reaps for Death; souls of humans transforming into apples only to be eaten.[/BCOLOR]

Idea Appearance:
-Short, Blonde Hair
- Crimson Red Eyes, Lifeless
- Wears a Upper-Half of a mask in a shape of black skull with red lenses
- White short dress, Black Hood/Robe, Golden Markings
- Carries a Unique Scythe
- Can Summon the Reaper

There are many other characters, if you are interested in seeing more message me. Tell me what genre you are looking for (Some Fandoms Welcomed Too), and an idea type of character. Then I will see if I have one matching what you're looking for or if I am interested in playing them. :)

I am also looking for just RP's in general, so if you have something good in mind, let me know!

Genres I Will Do

- Fantasy
- Horror (Straight Up Gore Is More Than Okay With Me)
- Romance
- Libertine (Smut is Less of a Preference, I prefer Story over Smut) (18+)
- Some Sci-Fi
- Adventure
- Dice

- Completely Messed Up Plots (Because I am Totally Not Messed Up in the Head)

Genres I Will NOT Do
- Combat
- Drama
- Slice of Life (Except for Occasions)
- Straight Smut

- Fandoms (I am VERY picky on Fandoms, Please Run by me which ones you like and I'll see if we have anything in common.)

When Roleplaying with Me...

- I try not to worry so much for lengths however I do prefer one paragraphs and more. I like to write multi-paragraphs or novella.
*If I post a novella, and in turn you give me a miniature paragraph...It's not going to work.)

- I tend to have a lot of work on my hands but never enough to stop me from posting, I can do one post per day or multiple if I am not working that day. I generally will let you know if I won't be posting that day or have a (WIP POST) and I work on it each moment I have free time (EX: On Break, Before Work etc)
If you can't post that day or need some time off, I would like if you at least let me know ahead of time. Life happens and it's going to.

- If we are going to be Roleplaying for a while, I'd like if you communicate with me especially if anything is wrong. I may be messed up, but I certainly am no asshole...okay maybe a little. That's besides the point. <3
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