Help! I need some roleplay! Help! Not just any roleplay!

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  1. I adore collaborative, writing, roleplaying with groups and all the fun and shenanigans that go along with it. Sadly the last few roleplays I've been part of haven't worked out, I either haven't gelled with the participants, they haven't gelled with me or the rp has fallen through.

    So here I am, selling myself. Looking for that elusive roleplay where my talents and my quirks can be accepted and bought into the mix.

    So a bit about me:
    • I've been forum rping in one form or another for 14 years now.
    • I love writing, there's little more relaxing to me than writing if I'm stressed.
    • However I AM a perfectionist, so if I am told something is wrong in my post I'm likely to scrap it and start over rather than fix the errors (unless they really are miniscule!). Mainly because I do not like having anyone read anything but my best work but also out of shame and the knowledge I can probably make a better one.
    • I have a very busy IRL life, with kids, 3 college courses, uni applications and work.
    • The above means I will be stressed when I get on here as I like to rp to unwind.
    • I can and will turn out 3-4 good posts a week IF I have things to post against.
    • I don't mind rping on my own but I WILL get bored if that becomes a norm.
    • I do not quit on a roleplay, I play it out ot the bitter end and will do everything I can to keep it alive.
    • I put a lot of thought into my characters and the way they work so I do get attached to characters and RP.
    • I have a very good distinction between IC and OOC and keep both separate at all times.

    What kinds of roleplay do I like?
    I'm not overly picky but roleplays I join must have
    1) A good plot line
    2) Believable characters
    3) An open and willing GM
    4) A collaborative and friendly OOC feel.
    5) Good side liens and distractions.
    6) A theme it stays true to.

    As for Genre I usually prefer fantasy or modern life and am less keen on mecha or space based roleplays. Though as long as the above 6 points are taken into consideration I am open to a lot of ideas and plots.


    (I'm not good at endings, so please insert a suitable ending quote here, possibly with a joke or something ;) )
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  2. First off love the Beatles reference. Secondly I have a complicated RP that I have been trying to get off the ground that I'm hoping it right up your ally. I honestly need people to either create characters or fill the roles of some of the premade character. The premade characters I have an idea of what I'd like to see but its more of a guideline. I've taken to collaborating with the players in character creation. I've been told the character sheet is complicated and extensive. Truthfully if you give it a chance and ask for help I'm more than happy to. The following is the synopsis.

    The two Fae Courts have been at peace now for centuries but things are starting to fall apart. Perhaps its because since the marriage of Therindell and Rhiannon neither court has had a couple conceive a child. The last child that was born to either court has exhibited no Hand of Power and has been in majority for half a century now. Political alliances, betrayal, love, lust, power in a Fae based Games of Thrones Forum.

    The Unseelie or the Dark Court is made up of all the fairy tales gone wrong. The ones with bad or sad endings. Their powers are the stuff of nightmares even though some of the people aren't considered bad people. Some people fall to the pressure and do bad things because its expected of them but as a majority the Unseelie thrive in the gray zone; this is where the current Unseelie Queen rules from. Torture is a popular form of punishment whether it is public or private is up to the crime. Duels are common for social status and all around dog eat dog world.

    The Seelie or Light Court are made up of all the happy fairy tales that end well. Their powers are your normal average powers you'd see on superheroes, element manipulation, weather manipulation...bright shiny nice...or so you'd think. There are bad people in the midst of the bright and shining throng and no one is above public humiliation. Exile is a threat that is taken seriously as Fae can fade away when outside their kingdom. If they are exiled they have the option of fade away in the human world or join the Unseelie and play by their rules. Most chose to fade away. Others prefer to live through any means necessary.

    Tradition is very key in both courts but is much more common in the Seelie Courts. Bloodlines do not rule normally but the Fae have adopted some of the humans ways over the centuries. Both courts have passed down the crown to family which has weakened the magic. Neither Court has had a child since Almalthia was born and the Unseelie Queen is actively investigating the situation.

    If you like what you read...
  3. Haha thank you, I did wonder if it was a bit of an obscure reference but I couldn't help myself! It summed up my feelings on this perfectly haha!

    As for the rp, I'm having a look now, you had me at fae courts!
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  4. This is my roleplay. It's still relatively new, but the posting speed is pretty accommodating, I know my other players are dedicated, and complex characters and plotting is very much welcome.

    House of the Fallen Star
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  5. Awesome thanks firejay! I'll have a look.
  6. That thread title is certainly Something. That'll get you a Ticket To Ride in my RP, for sure.

    I would say "I'm done" but I can't guarantee that I am.

    Anywho, if you're open to fandoms, I have an RP called Fandomstuck which is sort of like a mega-crossover RP, except that it's about the personifications of entire fandoms as opposed to specific canon characters. So, each fandom character is built around a certain TV show, video game, or anything else with a large following. It's a bit hard to explain in only a few sentences, but hopefully the OP will clear some things up if you're interested. (Though I'm sorry to admit that the Beatles fandom is already taken. By me.)

    Still, though, hopefully this is something that interests you. I'd hate to be left with No Reply. That would just leave me in Misery. Ok I'm sorry I'll stop now really.
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  7. Hi there! I'm not sure if you're still looking around.... If you 'are': I need another dedicated roleplayer...

    I've got a mid-low darker fantasy getting ready to kick off. It's planned to be a deliberately paced [1 post per week from the players at least] thread.

    As summarized as I can give- you'd be playing a character from one of nine kingdoms who venture off to learn about, and stop a growing monster-y threat. It's pretty basic storyline on the surface, but plan to not make it so beneath the surface.

    If you'd like to take a look- here's a link
    message me if you have questions, or if you're interested.

    If not- no worries!
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  8. Up for it no problem ^_^ got some sleep to catch up on then all yours.
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  9. I know whatchya mean.

    But good to hear you've got tentative interest at least.

    Feel free to post in the OOC any questions or anything!
  10. If you're looking for a long term role-play to invest your time and charries in than I suggest looking at my plot idea below:
    Wuinderre Expanse
  11. I am trying to start a High Fantasy roleplay: The War of Celandine: A Saga Reborn. If you think that you might be interested in one of the positions, then please let me know via the signup thread or PM. Thank you!
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