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Help for my Objective goal

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by KuroBuros The Infected, Mar 7, 2016.

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  1. After finishing my university intensive I decided to write a plot or a scene for a script a day so I can improve my writing skills to become a better writer so I can create jobs for my fellow actors and actresses one day. >///< I know kinda cheesy but I would love the help of the writing community I love so much!

    Post a comment with a simple plot or any ideas you have that day.
  2. A person accidentally drops or reveals something incriminating/personal/naughty in front of the person they fancy!

    @Cino Mello
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  3. :D
  4. A person from the past has found himself sent forward into Modern day, and has to learn and adapt to his surroundings.
    Meanwhile a person from the future is in the same scenario, and the two are now stuck together.

    (This might be inspired by a current RP I'm in).
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  5. you might want to check your school's policies on using themes/plots you solicited from the internet :/

    That said:

    here are some

    blogs on tumblr

    and a couple of generators

    for your use
  6. I'm out of school right now it's just for personal use ^_^;;
  7. Oh, I misread sorry xD

    Googling "____ Prompts", "____" being
    • Plot
    • Scene
    • Story
    • Writing
    • Scenario
    • Situation
    • roleplay
    • character motivation
    Will give you lots more resources, though for some you may want to add

    Writing OR writer

    to the search in order to refine it further
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