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  1. I need good German songs. As many as you can muster.

    The artist doesn't necessarily need to be German but the vocals definitely do.

    EDIT: Anything but Rammstein so help me god
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  2. Rammstein.
  3. You took the easy route.
  4. First thing that came to mind. Good vocals too. That and I don't keep track of what Pandora gives me most of the time.
  5. L'Ame Immortelle. Some of their songs are in German, and some are in English.

  6. RAMMST-
    My parade.
    It has been rained upon.
  7. RAM-


  8. Rammstein, ie. Ohne Dich (They're good, so I'll list them here. Don't ask what's up with the dog in that video, I don't know)
    Saltatio Mortis, ie. Wachstum über Alles
    In Extremo, ie. Siehst du das Licht
    Powerwolf, ie. Kreuzfeuer (They're German but usually sing in English)
    Peter Fox, ie. Alles Neu
    Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, ie. Hammer oder Amboß
    Feuerschwanz, ie. Auf Wiederseh'n
    Seeed, ie. Aufstehn
    Die Streuner, ie. Die Streuner
    Alestorm - Weiber und Wein (Non-German artist)
    Sabaton - Für Immer (Non-German artist)
    ASP, ie. Der geheimnisvolle Fremde
    Die Ärzte, ie. Junge

    I don't listen to all of those regularly, but I think all of them are good.

    Besides that, here are some German artists I don't listen to at all, but may still be interesting:
    Xavier Naidoo, ie. Dieser Weg
    Unheilig, ie. Freiheit
    Böhse Onkelz, ie. Die Stunde des Siegers
    Amon Amarth, ie. Siegreicher Marsch (Non-German Artist)
    Samsas Traum, ie. Endstation.Eden
    Kool Savas, ie. Märtyrer
    Bushido, ie. Leben und Tod des Kenneth Glöckler
    Equilibrium, ie. Blut im Auge
    Tanzwut, ie. Tanzwut
    Eisregen, ie. Mein Eichensarg
    Wolfchant, ie. Voran
    Varg, ie. Blutaar
    Blut und Eisen, ie. Minas Morgul - Schwertzeit

    You can find more German songs by simply searching for the artist's name, except for the ones where I noted that they are non-German artists.
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  9. For once I can post something from my 90s Euro Trash Mixtape and it's not technically spamming.


  10. I only know marching tunes....
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  13. [​IMG]

  14. No seriously, shutup.
  15. Well, that escalated quickly.