Hellu everybody~

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  1. Hi everyone, The One and Only Nat-bat is here~
    (but do please call me Nat or Nat-bat)
    I am a gfx'er and a rp'er (I made the avatar I am using now atm~)
    I am a pretty crazy person, but I don't bite
    Yes this is me in a nutshell XD
    I am a singer and flutist that goes to a music school
    and my dream is to become a professional singer XD
    (I dream big)
    Well anyway I am happy to be here and I really hope
    that I will enjoy my stay here and rp like there's
    no tomorrow (If I don't have too much homework >.>)​
  2. Hi there Nat! >:3 We're happy to have you join us!
  3. Thank you very much Diana^^
  4. Welcome to Iwaku, Nat!
  5. Welcome :)

    If you have any questions or you just wanna chat, feel free to message me, or anyone really XD
  6. Thank you Seth Bloodmoon

    Oh, I will remember that (I will most likely contact you when I am super bored or super lost XD)
    And Thank you^^
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  7. Welcome to Iwaku, Nat Bat.
  8. Welcome! Iwaku is awesome, so you will find RP buddies as well as make lots of friends here! :D

    I don't know what a 'gfx-er' is so you might have a little trouble with that part.... >_> but who knows! There are smarter people on this site than me! :D

    I'm Mittens by the way~ It's a pleasure to meet you! ^^
  9. Thank you very much October Knight

    Oho sounds very good to me, and a gfx'er is a person who GFX. (for example, I made the avatar I am using and the signature, I used many pictures and such to make them^^)
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