HellSpawn's Rebirth

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  1. Before I start I just want to say, I was not 100% what to list this as....

    On a different website I started an RP called HellSpawn Kore which ended successfully. But that was near two years ago and I am not even sure if that website exists anymore, if only I could remember what the website was... No matter. I'll think about it later. Let me get to the point. After a successful Part One of HellSpawn Kore I was thinking about doing a Part 2 or a rerun of Part 1 then on to Part 2. If anyone is
    interested let me know please. In this post I will be going through a summery of Part 1 and then my Part 2 idea. *Crosses Fingers* I hope there will be people for this!

    Part One:

    "Dora before Death"
    1.1 A girl named Dora HitikoAge:12was an upbeat child with an adventurous mind. One freezing day in Winter, Dora and her sister Rena were playing a game of tag in the snow. Rena stopped Dora and asked if they wanted to go on an adventure, but Dora reminded Rena that their mother told them to stay in the yard. With Rena's deceiving ways she convinced Dora it was fine. The both of them went to the lake near their house to admire the partially frozen waters, but a snow storm began to stir and Dora cried wanting to go back home. Rena refused to take her back and grabbed her hand dragging her to the ledge. With anger and all the motivation Rena had she pushed Dora off the ledge watching her struggle to keep afloat in the freezing waters. Rena muttered under her breath of how much she hated how Dora was more loved than she was. Finally Dora stopped moving and fell through the cracks of ice sheets and drowned to her death. Upon returning home, Rena shared the news that Dora "Fell" at the lake but when her parents where not there on time and unable to perform a search for Dora due to terrible weather conditions, all hope was lost. Three years later their mother cried out for Dora one night in a terrible dream, in a sleep-walk, their mother went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. Entering Rena's room she stabbed her daughter numerous times as she shouted "Monster".
    "Dora After Death"
    1.2 Light surrounded Dora's eyes blinding her. It sounded peaceful where ever she was, birds chirped and harps could be heard. After her eyes adjusted to the light there were fruit trees, fountains, clouds and animals everywhere she looked. A voice spoke to her greeting her and comforting her. Shortly a man appeared dressed in all white and appeared graceful. Then and there she was given a tour and explained to her what happened in a way an 12year old could understand. After three years the man now known as Zeus asked Dora to do him a favor, to raise a shield and sword and protect others every way possible. Dora agreed and was given a gift. She no longer was or appeared as a 12 year old, but now a 17 year old with a holy sword and shield with a new appearance. She quickly learned her weapons were not for here and requested a long sword and a touch of magick. Her request was granted by Zeus. Months past before she began to have dreams of her past as a human and visions of chaos. Going up to Zeus she warned him that something was coming. That was the HellSpawns.

    1.3 HellSpawns have attacked and endless fights have occurred. But Dora's adventurous mind sent her deeper into the problem and find who was controlling them. A woman who appeared as an angel stood before her with a flute. Trying to deceive Dora she was an angel trapped in Hell and that she needed help failed. But shortly learned that this woman was actually her own sister Rena. After discovering the fact, Dora became unfocused in her fights. One day she was surrounded by HellSpawns along with two other Guardian Angels, but being unfocused cause her to suffer and fail at stopping the HellSpawns from getting close to the Gates Of Light. Zeus withdrew her from the Earth and told her she may have been too young and too weak to be put up to the task. This outraged Dora and she trained day and night to fix the problem. After a chance to return she proved everyone that she was one of the strongest in her league and she was able to do what she had to do. She was given the nickname "Celest".
    "Rena After Death. HellSpawn Summoner"

    1.4 The final battle rose, between the HellSpawn's and Angels and face to face was Rena and Dora. The battles were close with only three guardian angels remaining and Rena. Dora demanded to fight Rena alone. With a long angry conversation between the the two sisters a battle finally took place. Dora struggled but she refused to give up. Dora's sword went through Rena's magickal field and stabbed her in the chest where a heart would of been. Then and there the war was over...

    That was the basic summery. I didn't want to get too detailed because it would be a lot, my hands can only handle so much typing sometimes haha. Any questions for Part One though I will answer.

    Part Two:

    The war ended a decade ago though it felt like a millennium. Celest has been declared as a leader for the Guardian Angels. But Celest shortly begins to have visions again of a familiar evil. Rena is dead though, how could the HellSpawns be returning? There is more than what she sees though and now the Gates Of Light and the Gods just may be in trouble for a returning and more powerful force!

    When I get enough interests I will reveal more to it but all questions will be answered (And I have to go to work soon so I am slightly rushing Sorry!) Here is some additional info for;

    If Re-Run:
    Dora Is a Main Character in The Story along With Rena. I play Dora. If someone wants to play Rena, it's all open game for you.Can change to be a male. There were other characters as well; Gods/Goddesses, Guardian Angels, Humans. HellSpawns were NPC and were just added in when needed in posts. All other characters are open game as well. This doesn't have to go the same as above.

    Straight to Part Two:
    New characters! (Except For Dora, Rena, Maybe the Gods) This time around humans are being targeted first before the Gates Of Light. In Part One, Humans were unable to see the HellSpawns and only the gates were being targeted. The HellSpawn have a bigger meaner look and the person who is controlling them (originally Rena) changed. Twist: Could be her mother AND Rena (Hence "Rebirth") or someone who has meaning.

    Things to Keep In mind:
    - The HellSpawn Summoner Appears as an Angel, but has some features to tell otherwise.
    - This Is all just basic stuff. Just want to see if I can some people to continue Dora's journey.
    - If you have a different character in mind other than above, Ask, it can probably be used.

    Here is a CS for the Dead Dora;

    When you are going through this you will notice some different details let me tell you why. The CS was pre-made in my notebook before the RP. During the RP details changed. So I will figure out what I want to stick with later.

    Ok Super Zsafine off to Work!!!!
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