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The ancestral enemies of their land came that night for the capitol, they were losing the war and it was the final stand of his country, he fought bravely, as did his father the King, but in the end, his father was slain, and the lines broke.

His line's held, but they were cutoff from the main city itself, and the Prince could only watch in horror as the enemy poured into his city, and began massacring the inhabitants, his forces were not adequate to fight through the enemy, to save his land and his people.

In fact, his own forces were slowly being overwhelmed themselves, in despair the Prince quietly begged someone, anyone...to give him the means, to if not save his people, to at least avenge them.

For better or worse, something answered that silent plea, in his mind he felt a wicked power enter it as his lines were slowly overrun.

My name is Beloch the Scourge, here is my bargain mortal...you will give me your soul and serve me, in return I will give you the gift of demonform, and thus will you have the power to obtain your vengeance, and perhaps even a bit of salvation for your people...

But know this, the deal is binding, and you are dealing with an immortal, I will keep up my end of the bargain, but choose carefully...

For the Prince, there was simply no question in his mind, he would soon have nothing left to live for and would die soon anyways, a part of him understood that this was partly why the demon had made the offer in the first place...it was afterall, a bargain he couldn't refuse.

Now, knowing his family would soon be dead, his people would be broken even if some survived, he only cared about ensuring as many of the enemy died, along with their leader, so the Prince agreed.

Good...now you shall obtain new power...and become Hellspawn!

Thus was the Prince transformed, his flesh changing into that of a demons, his form as well, his own men shrank from him in horror as malefic power emanated forth from him in a great tide, with this transformation the Prince leaped into the fray of battle, and began to tear a bloody path through is foes, around him was wrapped a great cloak, a shroud that moved seemingly of it's own will to ensnare enemies, pull them towards the Prince, block attacks.

This, on top of the great melee prowess he found himself with, he moved like lightning, and stuck with the fury of a storm, he clawed, punched, gouged, tore, and ripped his way through soldiers, their flesh and armor parting like water before the Prince's new power.

Exultation filled his heart as he felt the excitement, he was losing himself to a darker side of his person...a part of him that liked the carnage he was able to inflict on these worms, these curs, these filthy slugs who had invaded his home, killed his people and worse.

Eventually, the Prince had slain the leaders of his enemy, and began his journey to find the ultimate target, their Emperor, who he would ensure died screaming in pain and fear.

When his vengeance was complete, Beloch the Scourge came to collect, and from there the Prince served as a tool of the demon lord, the Prince did not care for Beloch, what the demon had him doing, but was unable to disobey.

For how long the Prince served Beloch, he lost track of, for a part of him retreated within himself to distance himself from the things he was asked to do as Beloch's tool and weapon. One day however...

Someone changed his destiny, greedy, ambitious, stupid mages summoned the Prince, with a powerful ritual that broke Beloch's control over the Prince, giving him freedom from the demon lord in the first time in Gods knew how long, unfortunately for the mages however Beloch was greatly displeased to make an understatement and immediately sent other servants to take said mages and drag them to his realm to punish them for their insolence.

But the Prince's power, was too great for the demon lord to bind again, and he was at last...

Free, to do as he wished...for good or ill.

Wandering the world, eventually the Prince came to a city, using his powers to stay hidden atop rooftops and other fixtures, he settled upon a part of the city that appeared to be a slum of some sort, for races not in favor with the masters of this country.

There, he began to make his mark on the world again...as the poor, impoverished and oppressed people found they had an unseen guardian, who quietly disposed of those who preyed upon them...


Okay, now to explain the plot hook in case anything wasn't entirely clear and to give an idea of where it's inspired by.

I've actually always had this plot hook lying around unused, I could never really fill in some of the holes to make it work in my mind but I finally did after watching the old HBO Spawn series and suddenly getting some inspiration for the story. There was always the plot element of the Prince turning into a demon and serving a demon lord, but I couldn't figure out a way to make it work while giving him his autonomy back to no longer be somebody who had to go around doing evil things.

Then of course, the Spawn series gave me the idea of having the Prince become a figure who is stays hidden in this part of a society where non-humans are forced to live due to racial prejudice from the humans of the country itself, the reason the non-humans live there at all is because in the past this country used to employ slave labor and only recently abolished it, not that this does much for the former slaves, who have nowhere else to go and don't have better prospects beyond a lot of the menial or hard labor jobs available to them...or more criminal elements, thieves, whores, and any other of the more seedy elements of a society you can imagine flourish amidst a people with few prospects.

My idea for this roleplay is one ultimately of a romance, I'm seeking a partner willing to play one of these races who are discriminated against, who ends up being saved by the Prince from some thugs or other problem in these slums, maybe a hooker or anything you can imagine.

Alternatively you could play someone who hunts demons, maybe a demon hunter or some sort of angelic celestial being or something, there are possibilities here.

Some simple guidelines to set first

1. I'm not taking comers who can't provide more then a paragraph or so.

2. I prefer someone who isn't afraid to talk to me about the story, characters, or just chat in general, discord is always nice.

3. I'm not a massive grammar or punctuation Nazi or anything, BUT I do expect you to have a reasonable grasp of these things, especially things like past, present, or future tense. It's always jarring and difficult to read posts that are all in future tense for example. Basically, if your post is difficult to read and forces me to constantly mentally adjust or correct things for them to just make sense, we're going to have a problem.

4. I always favor someone who has their own ideas for the story and is eager to help brainstorm things

5. If you are someone who is frequently inactive, you need not apply