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  1. "As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil for there is no greater evil than I."

    The year is 2025, 26 years since the Third Reich's uprising. Although tensions are high amongst the Hellsing Organization and the Vatican, both sides are starting to trust each other, and regain confidence in their alliance. But shadows are lurking, waiting for an opportune time to strike and cause both organizations to fall. Will this be the end of the hellsing organization whom operated in the shadows for centuries, or will the Vatican finally end it's century long reign as a dominate religion?

    What side will you choose? A Christian devout, ready to bring down the hand of god on any heathen willing to cross your path? Or a monster, working under the Hellsing banner, striking fear into those knowing of your talents.

    The year, as stated above is 2025. Alucard is in a deep sleep, unaware of the outside world. Sir integra has stepped down and passed on the position of protector of the Queen to her daughter, Alice Hellsing, whom has a new vampire at her disposal able to carry on the fight.

    I shall have two on each side, though one opening for hellsing as one of my main characters will be a vampire serving hellsing. If you wish to join let me know what side. Also, I will need help with other main characters so if you're willing to help, I will pm you with details that only you can know. If any show interest I will put up a character sheet.
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  2. I shall start on the plot if anyone is interested.
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  3. You probably ought to start writing the plot if you intend to get any interest. Most people don't bother showing interest in something that doesn't have one at least half-done when the topic is created.
  4. I am interested. I love Hellsing and this has a lot of potential. Do you have anymore info on it? Characters, Plot (Though I like free form so it doesn't have to be to detailed.) I would love to know more!
  5. I have always adored Hellsing so I might get in on this, love to know a little more though.
    I would likely play some kind of supernatural being.
  6. Interested? Absolutely! I'd love to get in on this. As said above, I'd also like some more info. I love Hellsing!
  7. I'm IN. Though we may have trouble doing badass vampires, for none are more badass than Alucard. Never mind. I've got stuff.
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