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  1. LJ Here -

    I am searching for someone who can help me sate a craving I have been having for a Hellsing RP. It is one of my favorite animes and mangas. The characters are more complex than many can see and the story is rather awesome, horror themes and all.

    For a long time I have had an idea for an OC character that I wish to bounce off of Alucard. I have also harbored some stories related to the AlucardxSeras fandom.

    So essentially my search is for an adept writer than can enrobe him/herself in Alucard's cloak and help me out. I have been yearning for a proper Hellsing RP and I cannot find anyone looking for the same thing.

    I am also VERY open to other characters and possibly other plots within the storyline or at least the universe. Do not be too afraid to ask.

    I will play libertine, especially if the story floats that way. I also am cool with keeping it to the track of plot only. I am an avid RPer and I prefer at LEAST one post a day.

  2. Still searching.
  3. Still searching because people have dropped out on me. Please?
  4. Still looking.
  5. Still Looking. But also just looking for a Literate RPer.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.