Hellsing League of Extraordinary Gentlemen AU?

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    A roleplay that involves a really good anime, and the movie "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen."

    Now, this roleplay was also inspired by a Fanfiction made by "TheBananaSlug". And as the title states, this is an Alt Universe, meaning that it does take place during the anime but is still roughly after Seras was brought in.

    The Plot so far.
    [Set after the first three episodes.] After the Valentine Brothers incident, and upon hearing of "Millennium". Hellsing needs to bolster it's forces aside from Wild Geese, so to do this. Integra sends Alucard and Seras to recruit a new ragtag version of the once great "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen."

    Side note.
    OCs are accepted. BUT, we do need people to play both Hellsing protagonists and antagonists. In order to do this, players will be allowed to play two characters. Both can be heroes or villains or mixed up [Playing two is optional]. And do not worry about messing up the character here and there. Being a AU, a slipup can be excused. Just nothing major.

    Character Sheet [OC use only.]
    Appearance [Pics are allowed.]:
    A brief backstory:
    Location [In other words, seeing as Alucard and Seras most likely not even left London yet. This is where your OC is currently located. EX: New York City, USA, etc:

    List of Hellsing Characters available.
    Alucard - Taken by MicheviousChesireX3
    Seras Victoria - Taken by GodsBlueLaser
    Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing
    Walter C. Dornez
    Pip Bernadotte

    Alexander Anderson
    Heinkel Wolfe
    Yumie Takagi

    The Major
    The Doctor
    The Captain
    Rip van Winkle
    Zorin Blitz
    Tubalcain Alhambra

    1: Be nice OOC
    2: Don't GM or use Mary sues.
    3: Be realistic, like would your character be in China when they were in the US with no explanation? No, of coarse not. Unless magic.
    4: Life does get in the way, and so if something comes up. Let us know, we wouldn't kill your character without consent.
    5: Have fun.
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  2. I'm interested but I must know, do you want a CS here in this thread? Also I work odd hours around 12:00 am to 5:00 am central time (Unless it's my days off) and as such I post after 5:00 am and wont post after 11:00 am (cause sleep) I need to know if this would present a problem if I were to throw my hat into this RP.
  3. It will not, as for the CS. Yes, it will be posted here.
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  4. Appearance:

    Name: Harlow
    Nickname/Codename: N/A
    Age: 32
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 290 pounds

    Abilities: Automatic knowledge (He need but a few seconds to a few minutes to learn how to use something though this does not make him a master of it unless he trains in/with it.)
    healing factor.

    Disabilities: Slight Vampire weaknesses (Explained in Backstory)

    Weapons: 1x M14 rifle 1x Colt 1911A1 pistol

    Personality: A gentle man who seeks to resolve most situations with his words before violence but has no qualms about taking the life of another if it is needed

    A brief backstory: Harlow was born a bastard, his mother was a prostitute and his father just some random John. He was raised in an orphanage ran by the catholic church in Italy and while most Church teachings were ignored by Harlow one stuck with him and that was do unto others. When he came of age he moved to the united states where he went to college unfortunately he was soon in debt for his education and to pay his debt he did something reckless that would set his destiny he joined FFL or the French foreign legion. Harlow learned how to fight how to kill with the FFL and seemed to thrive in an environment of war, three years after he joined his platoon was deployed in Africa when they encountered something that should not exist, a vampire. It was in an abandoned silver mine where the locals had said many people had been disappearing into their investigation was quiet at first though this changed when they made it to the bottom of the mine. Harlow can't recall what happened next other than he was the only survivor and was found aimlessly wandering the savanna covered in more blood than a new born, Harlow had killed the vampire down in that mine but he got it's blood in many of his open wounds and now suffers from their weaknesses.

    Location: Uzes France.

  5. As for a hellsing character i'm going to have to think about if I want a to take on a second character.
  6. The secondary character you can play as is optional. So, it isn't required, but is preferred.....Not unless we can get someone to play the entire cast aside from Alucard and Seras.
  7. Hi hi lovelies~ For kicks and giggles I feel like throwing up a Cs for Alucard even though it's mostly not required, but seeing as I plan to make him into a her I figured it was for the best. So I'll start that soon as I finish the other that I'm working on. Au Revoir~
  8. Alrighty, can't wait.
  9. I'd like to join because of Hellsing buut I've never watched The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, is it a necessity?
  10. I don't think it is considering I haven't either
  11. Not really, infact all you need to do is look it up on Wikipedia, read for a few and bam. You're ready.
    Or I can give a quick brief explanation. If you wish.
  12. A brief explanation please; so I can do as much on my cs as I can before I'm gone for the night~
  13. Alrighty, The League of Extraordinary is a group of unique people who have been hand picked by the Queen of England. But takes place roughly in 1898. Or in a short term. They're the 1898 England's Version of the Avengers.
  14. Appearance [Pics are allowed.]:
    Show Spoiler

    Name: Nhatalia Valicure
    Nickname/Codename: Onyx
    Age: 27 years old
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 146
    Animal Shifting- Nhatalia has the ability to shift into any animal that she's recently seen; physically or just a picture. Staying in an animal shape for to long will cause ht to start losing her sight as a human; forcing her into the wild state of the form she took. Each animal she turns into, has its own little ability attached to it.
    Tiger- super strength
    Fox- Extreme Cleverness
    Dog- Earth like qualities
    etc (if this is ok)

    Disabilities: Vampire weaknesses
    Weapons: The sword in the picture and several throwing knives
    Personality: Onyx is a very mysterious woman who is known for keeping secrets to herself; never one to bow down to anyone. She is usually found working by herself as it was proven that most of her other partners just couldn't seem to catch up or didn't fit her right. Which resulted in someone either dying or Nhat refusing to work with them again.
    A brief backstory:
    Location: Brazil​

  15. This section is more interest checks, to see if people are interested or not in your roleplay idea. ''CSs'' or Character sheets are submitted and posted in a OOC/Sign-ups thread which is a completely different thread and located at another side of the forum. Please refer to this link as this link will forward you to the correct place to store your character sheets. https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/forums/fandom-signups-plot-discussions.190/

    Your Welcome~
  16. Oh, well then.....I done goofed, thank you very much.
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