Hellsing based rp

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  1. Okay, so I've been craving this! Here's my idea.

    Alucard is on a job, apparently, a group of vampires have taken about ten humans hostage, including the daughter of England's Prime Minister. So, Alucard is sent in, and every minute that the vampires' demands aren't made, they kill a hostage, the daughter going last. All of this is on live feed to the Hellsing Organization. Alucard turns the whole thing into a kill-fest, slaughtering all the vampires. Only the girl is left of the humans, her mind almost destroyed by what she has seen.

    Then, in a terrorist attack, her father is killed. Not having anywhere else to go, Integra takes pity on the girl, taking her in for a few weeks so she can get back on her feet. So, Alucard falls in love with her, even though Integra doesn't approve, but hasn't the heart to tell him not fall in love. In truth, she thinks it cute, that Alucard could start having feelings.

    BLAM@!! I need someone to play Alucard and Integra! This will probably be a mature rp, because I kind of want a sort of sexy rp. All information here is copyright Marlo and Always will be Wilde Corps. Any resemblance to any third party person, place, tv show, or rp is strictly coincidental!!