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  1. April 2066. Seattle. A large war between America and China has ended with two major events: at least half of both China and America were left in rubble from nuclear or high-power explosive missiles, and large portals somehow opening across the world, spreading hellish creatures appropriately dubbed Demons that instantly started to kill all humans in sight. You manage to stay alive with a large group living in a shelter for a month, but when people start to kill each other over rations, you decide to escape. Ending up in a nearby home with some others from the shelter whom you hadn't met before, you begin to discuss what to do now...

    So yeah, simple interest check for this since when I posted the roleplay on another site, only three people joined. Made a small checklist of things included, which consists of:
    • Permadeath of characters
    • Items that will be keep track of, including ammo and money
    • Different playable races, plenty of factions to join, a large amount of different demons, and plenty of varied environments
    • A custom map showing the area (using this site)
    • Magic attacks and unique weapons galore
    • Large-scale, epic events
    If it sounds like your flavor of pie, just say that you'd be interested below. If I get at least five people, I will post the signup forms, rules, and other things in the appropriate forms.
  2. This sounds like my flavor of pie.I am interested so I am letting you know by posting here below.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.