Hell's Secrets

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    General gist of our role play

    Start Place <---> Small Midwest City
    Story intro <---> Two friends are pulled into another world that's been hidden by the government for centuries. This secret has been passed down from president to president since George Washington first stumbled upon this world and hence decided humanity wasn't ready for it. George Washington thought he had rightfully named it Hell, but that was not the case. What America's first president had uncovered was the dark and magical world of Terellia. Granted, Hell was a bit of an overstatement, but Terellia is far from Heaven and far from harmless, as the two young friends soon realize. Once on their journey through the strange new world, they meet many new people: Powerful warriors, sentient creatures, fantastic magicians and sorcerers, and even a few others like them, humans from their world now trapped in Terellia's realm. But that isn't all, the two discover that the longer they stay in this world full of magic, the more they become filled with the same essence of the world.
  2. Terellia's Map
    Star marks the Capital, circles mark the visited towns, and the diamond marks where the portal opens.
  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Eli Mathers
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Grey
    Friendships: Winter
    Hobbies: History buff, track, young authors club, aspires to be a museum curator
    Powers obtained in Telleria: Hyper persuasion skills, telekinesis
    Background: Eli moved into the house next to Winter while they were children. He lived with his grandmother, Clara, until she died when he was 16. He was able to live off of the money she and his parents had left him, but once she was gone, he stuck even closer to Winter. She was the one who always loved listening to the stories he'd written or the stories he'd learned in history books. If all else failed, they could always go for a run. When Winter's father brought home that old dusty book, it was Eli who first cracked it open to peruse its contents. As he read the crumpled pages out loud to Winter, both became enthralled to learn that the book to be entirely comprised of journal-like entries of past U.S. presidents. They were all writing about the discovery, exploration, and concealing of Hell. Of course, both teens laughed this off at first, but the more they read, the more the truth unfolded before them. A portal to Hell was discovered by an anonymous informant and the information was passed to George Washington, who then ordered a small military party to investigate. They did not return. Washington then took to concealing the portal and passing the knowledge to John Adams, who passed it to Jefferson, and so on. Around the time of FDR, the government to launch a full-scale attack into the portal. They sent in an elite team of 100 troops, who once again, presumably, perished. Roosevelt then decided it was far too dangerous to enter the portal and appointed a secret society to make sure the portal was never found or entered again. The journal entries then ended. The rest was filled with a language Eli couldn't read, but at the end there was and odd symbol with an incantation in English:
    "It is not what you think it to be,
    It is not for mortal eyes to see,
    Those who enter may not leave,
    For their eyes have seen wonders none would believe,
    Their souls became one with the Ethereal Mist,
    Their lives are gone, added to the list,
    The list of mortals who committed the sin,
    Who found our world's portal and chose to step in.
    But if you're a fool, or if you're a god,
    Spill blood on the tome, and in Telleria you'll trod."

    Here's where the story begins...
  4. My characters

    Winter Aria
    Winter, who later gains the ability to look into the future and speak to animals, is a 20 year old fresh out of high school with an eye for fashion. She was born and raised in a small mid west town by her mother, who works as a therapist for married couples and her father, who works as an archeologist so he travels a lot. Aria went through each school year with a 4.0 grade average while being in after school curricular like the swim team and the volleyball team, and track along with the gardening club, the book club, and a small fashion club she started before she left.

    Her best friend since early child hood is Eli Mathers. Eli is a bright hearted history buff that flew through high school with ease and a 4.o grade average who was the track teams star and assistant coach. He also joined the Young Authors club where he practiced his writing skills and will be the one to travel to Terellia with her. He was always there for her through boyfriends and the passing of pets, even when his Grandmother passed away he still came over and told her of long forgotten stories he had read about in his studies.

    One day Winter's father had come home with a dusyty book from his travels. Winter brought it to Eli while her father and mother were out on a date because she thought Eli would enjoy reading it because of its obvious age and his love for history. He took it with a wide smile and read it. He told her as he read the pages out loud that the book seemed to be entirely comprised of journal entries of past U.S presidents. He continued to read about how the secret has been passed along and many have given their lives to this portal. There was one passage of English left before it was written in another language that neither of them could understand and the passage wrote:

    "It is not what you think it to be,
    It is not for mortal eyes to see,
    Those who enter may not leave,
    For their eyes have seen wonders none would believe,
    Their souls became one with the Ethereal Mist,
    Their lives are gone, added to the list,
    The list of mortals who committed the sin,
    Who found our world's portal and chose to step in,
    But if you're a fool, or if you're a god,
    Spill blood on the tome, and in Terellia you will trod."

    And this is where our story begins...
  5. Eli looked up from the book. He stared at at Winter with a sly grin. he reached in the pocket of his jeans and pulled out his pocket knife. It was his dad's or that's what his grandma has told him. He flicked it open with ease. He found his heart beating faster with excitement though he tried to keep his "cool" composure.
    "Well? Shall we make history?" His grin widened as he held the blade to his thumb. He paused and chuckled. "Well, maybe not make history, but at least leave a stain on an old book."
  6. Winter laughed at Eli at first. How crazy! But as she realized his stare was very serious, her smile faded. "Seriously Eli? It's a book! And Dad would be pissed if he found it with blood on it." She stared at him and then the passage then sighed. "You really want to do this... Don't you?" she asked to confirm her uneasy thoughts.
  7. Eli leaned up and scratched his head, "I mean... No, no of course not forget about it. I guess I'll just... put it awaaaay," he gave Winter the puppy eyes he knew she hated, but hey, it got results, "Yes, away... Never to know the secrets! Ever. EVER! Never to know the truth of THE PORTAL TI HEEEEELLLLL!" He gave his best horror movie voice. Though it came out pretty funny when mixed with the puppy eyes.
  8. Winter laughed at Eli and pushed him playfully "God your a dork! Fine, but make it a small stain you butt. If i can see it, it's too much blood. I don't want Dad to see it. But you're right. I would like to see this "Portal to HEEEELL" in which the books speaks." She took his knife and put a small cut in her finger and had to push on it pretty hard for blood to come out. She held her finger above the book and waited for Eli to do the same.
  9. Eli winced as he made a small slice on his thumb. He held it over the book as watched a ruby droplet hit the page. He held his breath, he could hear his heartbeat in his ears, as well as the ringing of silence. It couldn't have been more than a few seconds, but Eli felt hours drag on. He of course never mentioned to Winter how much he wanted it all to be true. I mean, this could be history in the making, I could actually be a part of something massive! Eli watched the bloodstain on the book. Watched and... nothing.
    "Are you kidding me?" he exclaimed, defeated. He gave a crushed look to Winter, "I maimed myself for... poop. This is absolute poop. I hate books. Books suck."
    He pouted.
  10. Winter placed her finger down next to Eli's blood stain and stained the page with her own blood. As they waited together she winced at Eli's sudden exclamation. "Maybe we didn't put enough blood on it?" she asked him as she reread the passage. "Or it's because we're not fools or gods." She shrugged. "Now what to do about the blood on the book..."
  11. Eli gave he a playful nudge with his shoulder, "What are you talking about, you're a fool and I'm clearly your god. I mean you'd be lost without me, duh." He grinned and winked. While this was going on, they failed to notice their blood moving about the page, circling itself int runes and yet more ancient words. They looked at the book as it began to levitate about the room, leaving red beams of light in its wake. Soon it traced a large circle in the room and began floating in the center of it, its pages flipping wildly.
    Eli fell back, "Oh, shit!" He sounded scared, a maybe he was a little, but even so, he couldn't help smiling.
    The book suddenly caught fire. It was consumed and the flames spread throughout the circle. All then became strangely calm. Up until the point and apparition stepped through the circle. Eli, stifled a scream. The figure stood around seven feet tall with the body of a man, but the head of a deer. It wore sparse robes that appeared to be made of various leaves and vines. It's eyes glowed with a white heat Eli swore he could feel.
    "It is done, but do you know that you've sealed your fates?" With that it vanished, and only the portal remained.
  12. Winter laughed and punched his shoulder playfully. "Yes. You're my God the Great and Powerful Eli. Bringer of paper cuts and teller of old stories." She turned to look at the blood stains and watched in paralyzed aw as the book began to float and catch fire. And as she watched a portal open and the creature make its presence known in a creepy riddle or so she thought. As it stepped back in she finally started to breath again and looked at Eli.
    "Our fate?" She asked him "So no matter if we go through this portal or not nothing will change our futures." She felt her heart beat crazily at the thought of an other worldly adventure with her best friend. She grabbed his hand and helped him up. "Come on Eli! This is where we make history." She smiled. "We should probably pack some things." She ran to her room and grabbed a tote. She threw a bunch of clothes into it and ran to the kitchen and grabbed nonperishable food. She came back to the room and threw a second tote at him. "Hurry up! We don't have all night!"
  13. Eli, ran next door and grabbed clothes and all of his journals and pencils. He was about to run out the door when he noticed the framed pictures on the hall table. One had his parents holding him as a baby, the other was of him and his grandma on his first day of high school. It was the last picture he took with her before she died. He grabbed both pictures. "I'm gonna make history. For me, and for you all." He ran back to Winter's house.
    "I'm ready!" He was positively giddy. he had the dumbest smile on his face, he held out his hand dramatically for her to grab it.
  14. She nodded in understanding and took hIs hand. They smiled at each other and took a step through the portal. She winced and shut her eyes as there was a bright light on the other side of the portal. She held an open hand up to block her eyes. When her eyes adjusted, she saw an amazingly beautiful scene. It was dark and the sky was draped with stars and a full moon hung low in the clear night. There was a breeze as they stepped out of the portal setting the wheat field alive with movement. Winter stared in awe at this worlds beauty. She turned to Eli and smiled and she noticed behind him the weird creature. She stared at it and waited for it to speak again.
  15. As they walked through the portal, Eli felt himself going faster and faster, he kept his eyes open and saw the new world opening before him. Wait, he thought, isn't this supposed to lead to Hell? When they exited, the first thing Eli noticed was the moon. It was amazing, so large and it hung so low in the sky. It had a light blue tint to it. Eli looked around the field. Wheat flowing, an ocean softly ebbing and flowing to his left, a dense forest to the right,and ahead, so far it touched the stars, a mountain range, illuminated by the soft blue light.
    It was then he saw Winter staring at the strange being that spoke to them.
    "What happens now?" He asked. He felt a soft breezed blow his hair softly, it smelled almost like home. the creature snorted and begins to walk toward the forest, his voice seemed almost like two people speaking in tandem, "My job is over. I depart. Do what you will, there is no going back. Your life is here now."
    With that here disappeared into the night, and Eli felt a weight hit his chest. No going back?
  16. Winter watched the creature leave. "What do we do Eli? Is he serious about us not being able to go back?" She had so many questions and she wished she hadn't been in such a rush to be somewhere new. "Wait!" She called out to the creature "At least tell us your name! Please!?" she started to run to the creature in hopes of answers to her questions.
  17. "Winter, he's gone. Come here, we'll be fine. Just... Let's just calm down." He sighed, he was quiet for a while. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry I made you do this." He grabbed her and pulled her into a hug. He leaned up and looked her in the eye., " I promise I'll get us out of here. We'll find some way. That creature spoke English so there has to be others that do. We'll find them. We'll learn about this place, and we WILL get home. I promise."
  18. Winter nodded and swallowed hard as she tried not to cry. "It wans't just you Eli. I was in a hurry to see what was on this side of the portal... You're right though. It did speak English." She turned around in a circle to see what was around them. There was a forest behind them and a field of wheat in front of them. "Which way did you want to take? We have a dark forest or a field lit by the moon. Either way to me is fine as long as I'm with you.." She pulled softly out of his hug and waited for his decision. "I wouldn't mind taking the less dark way though." She laughed a little and blushed as she realized just how scared she was.
  19. "Light field it is." Eli grinned and started walking through the field. The two continued for a while, eventually exiting the field and onto what looked to be a dirt road.
    "Well, that's... convenient? Since when does Hell have roads? Since when does Hell have fields and forests and oceans?"
  20. Winter followed Eli and when they reached the road she felt the same way. "Yeah.. when you hear about Hell you hear about fire and lava and death... This is the complete opposite. That creature didn't look human though. It's gotta be something otherworldly. It did however not attack us.." She looked at Eli and then to the road. She looked to the left and then to the right down each way. "I think that way leads back to the forest by the looks of it. Lets go the other way." She started to walk down the road with the moon in front of them.