Hell's Mansion [2/7 STILL ACCEPTING]

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  1. Hell's Mansion


    Congratulations! You've been invited to attend the annual Tea Party Game in the illustrious Hell's Mansion! The head lady, Lady Avabel Brioche, would like to offer you a warm welcom!. Accommodations for this spectacular event include paid fare, refreshments, and the utmost hospitality that Hell's Mansion has to offer. We'll hope you'll join us (which is as simple as willing to), and enjoy some great games with our fabulous hosts!~


    Hell's Mansion is a mansion owned and run by Lady Avabel Brioche. It isn't a place that one can easily travel to, as the only way to get there is by invitation. The twist is that those who've been invited have been invited for a very specific reason - to be judged. Those invited are often those that have seemingly gone down the dark path through life, and the mission of Hell's Mansion is to judge these people and deem them worthy of continuing to live, or banish them to Hell for eternity. Should they die before they reach the final place of judgment (the guest room), they will enter a state of permanent limbo, which is neither Heaven nor Hell. The Tea Party Game works in that seven people are chosen to be invited to Hell's Mansion, via a card that randomly appears in a place that they'll most certainly see it. Only the intended target can see the card and use it. These seven people are given the task of making it from the 1st floor to the 5th floor, where the guest room, and Lady Avabel, resides. On floors 1-4, a challenger (or challengers, depending on the floor) will await the group. There, they will either play a specific game with each of the players, or a simple fight shall ensue. Should a given player lose in either situation, that player is killed and sent into limbo. Should a given player succeed in making it past all of the challengers and up to the 5th floor, they'll enjoy a bit of tea with Lady Avabel, during which they will be judged for the humanity and change they displayed during the challenge, as well as their mannerisms during their time with Lady Avabel. If their soul is deemed worthy, they will be allowed to continue living, in the hopes that they will change their ways and become a better person. If their soul is not deemed worthy, they will be cast into Hell for eternity.


    Full Name: (Be sure that this is their full birth name, including any nicknames or suffixes.)
    Age: (This should be at least 21, as no one younger will be invited.)
    Sex: (Male or female, both are judged equally in Hell's Mansion.)
    Appearance: (Your choice between an image, a description, or both.)

    Background: (There is no personality section, as this will be judged throughout the roleplay. Instead, be as descriptive as possible in the back story. This will be essential in Lady Avabel's Final Judgment, should your player make it that far. Spare no details, I'll enjoy reading it all.)

    Strengths: (I suppose it's good to know what one's character is good Aya. Tell us here, as it will help us come up with more suitable challenges.)
    Weaknesses: (These are just as important as strengths. Be sure to tell us as much as you can so we can make the games more fun for you.~)

    Likes: (This and the dislike section will be the only outside glimpse of your character's personality we'll see. Feel free to be as thorough as you please.)
    Dislikes: (As mentioned a moment ago, this will he your chance to reflect your character's personality. Be as thorough as you please.)​
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  2. For the appearance, do you want only Anime images or will any work? The image I want to use is drawn, but not Anime.
  3. That should be fine. :3
  4. [​IMG]
    Full Name: Ira Gene Slayton
    Age: 56
    Sex: Female
    Appearance: Ira is an elegant woman, preferring to adorn herself in silk gowns that grace the floor and gently caress her lithe form. Dark purples, greens, and blues compliment her appearance and draws attention to the opal jewelry that decorates her slender fingers. Her gray hair is natural and unlike most women her age, she refuses to dye it. She believes that it suits her and if asked, she will tell you that it is her favorite feature, her hands being close behind.

    Background: Ira was born to Calvin and Geraldine Slayton in the Winter of 1958. They lived in the small farming community of Coldwater, a thirty minute drive from the town of Fayetteville, Tennessee. They owned the largest home in the community and the most acres of land, but felt competition from the Carter family for the majority of their working lives. After the Carter's lost their land due to poor financial management, Calvin Slayton bought it and continued to profit from his business choices.

    Thanks to her family's well-known reputation, the Slayton's were treated as celebrities and were regarding as the family everyone should strive to be. Unfortunately, this treatment was only seen in the public view. Once families were in the privacy of their own homes, rumors would begin to spread around Coldwater about Calvin Slayton's connections to the mafia, or his less-than-honorable agreements within Fayetteville's political world. Whether these rumors were fact or fiction, no one but Calvin would know and he took that knowledge to the grave with him in 1978. After his death, it became apparent that Calvin had left nothing of value to his wife or daughter except for the farmhouse and two acres of land. The rest had been willed to Horace Locker for unknown reasons.

    Even after the patriarch of the Slayton family had died, rumors continued to spread throughout Coldwater of why the farm was given to a family friend rather than family. Peggy Rutledge had heard that it was because Geraldine had cheated on Calvin twenty years earlier and Ira was not his real daughter. Joyce Greene said that she had heard from Calvin himself that Geraldine had been trying to kill him by putting arsenic into his food. Sue Cowan, however, swore that it was because Ira and the young Carter boy, Jim, were planning on getting hitched and Calvin would "be damned to let his land fall into the hands of those jackasses."

    In the Spring of 1978, just two months after Calvin's passing, Ira and Jim Carter confirmed one of the rumors by getting hitched at Fayetteville's Courthouse. Ira left her home in Coldwater and moved forty-five minutes away to New Market, Alabama where she discovered that the Carter family had been able to rebuild their fortune and, in a way, became richer than the Slayton's had ever been.

    The married life treated Ira well and had blessed her and Jim with three children. James was born in 1979. Elizabeth followed in 1981, and Sarah surprised them in 1989. Tragedy unfortunately struck the family in 1995 when their son, James, was killed in an automobile accident. After his death, the marriage between Ira and Jim was strained. They fought constantly and over time the deep love that was held for one another turned into hatred. Divorce for the Christian family was not an option, so they stuck together and despised every second of it. In 2008 when their youngest daughter moved out on her own, Ira and Jim were free to treat each other however they pleased. It was during this time that Ira decided that she was going to put an end to her suffering and the life insurance policy that Jim had on himself was more than enough incentive.

    Strengths: Quick-thinking, Easily able to read others, Can work with her hands, Knows a lot about plants and poisons.
    Weaknesses: Her children, Losing Control, Physically weak, Can be easily confused if her control is taken from her.

    Likes: Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë, Winter, Plants, Money, Family Photographs, Gardening, Playing Piano
    Dislikes: Her Husband, The Poor, Automobiles, Summer, Lack of Communication
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  5. Still open.~
  6. Possibly interested. Interesting idea you have here.
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  7. Also, I was thinking about a character idea, and the song Fallen Leaves by Billy Talent popped into my head, and gave me an idea. I'll work on it further, but I'd sugesst looking it up
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  8. That makes 2/7 people.~
  9. Can I reserve a seat?
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  10. Feel free to do so. It may be a while before we reach the limit. X3
  11. Working on a CS, sorry, I've been uber busy, haha.
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