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  1. Hello! Greetings! If you're reading this, you either know what this is already, or you're exceedingly curious. For the latter, I shall explain what this is. For the former, I assume no such explanation will be required, because you already know. So feel free to skip reading the following.

    I'm Matthijs, and I GM a little roleplay that nowadays is called Hell's Coffee Lounge. The website we were using, roleplayerguild, appears to have crashed for some unknown reason. As such, as an alternative method of roleplaying, I'm moving here to Iwaku, and bringing over my group to continue our roleplay. This means me and pretty much everyone posting here is going to be a complete noob to all rules and regulations, and while I have the best of intentions, I'm sure I'll be making a couple of mistakes.

    Now, if you are not a member of my group, you must have read the above, and you're probably still reading this part. Unless you're not, at which point nothing I write matters. However, if you are reading, then allow me to tell you that all are welcome to our little group here. Feel free to stop by and say hi, even if you don't feel like staying. We're all really friendly people, and we probably won't eat you.

    That said, I hope the roleplay can begin succesfully! Now, please read the following areas. Or don't. Either way, if you do read them, read them well. No sense in doing it half-assedly, now is there?

    - Obey the normal forum rules. Duh! This one should be obvious. Why are you even reading this?
    - Anything posted in between double brackets is OOC. ((Example)). I'm not sure whether there's a rule against this, but it's my group's style, so we'll go with it for now.
    - No insta-killing.
    - I am the GM, my word is law. I'll try and take into account any player considerations, and by vote of the group I can be demoted from my GM-hood, but as long as I am the GM, my word is final.
    - No rape, period. Not even if it's funny.
    - No excessive powergaming or godmodding. I'll allow it up until a certain degree, but no ripping apart the fabric of reality with your bare hands. That's stupid.
    - All characters are allowed, even ones from specific franchises, as long as they are not overpowered and I approve. Simply tell me about them, and I'll approve or disapprove. If it's required, I'll post a CS or something like that.
    - Try and have fun!

    History and Story!
    First, there was nothing but energy. Infinite possibility and potential, but no form. There was not time, as we know it, or even truly "existence". Simply infinite potential. And that potential became Alpha. The First. Creation. Existence. The Mother. She has many names, but most know her as Alpha. And Alpha created. She built space, and the rules of physics. She created existence, and time, and life and death. All that exists was created by the Alpha. And when Alpha had finished building reality, she started again, building another separate reality. Another separate dimension. And thus she continued infinitely, creating infinite worlds, to fill all the infinite possibilities of reality.
    In one reality, there is a war. A battle between good and evil. Much had happened before, and those who read this simply have now found there way into the story, and find the universe at war with itself. Life itself is in danger, as the heroes of the universe face the greatest darkness they have ever faced. Many have already fallen, an many are yet to fall, as the battle rages on.
    Kami, a God with the power of lightning, has discovered the Daemon, the proto-gods that existed before the gods, and were locked away billions of years ago. The Daemon have granted Kami enormous power, and he uses it to control the minds of all those who oppose him. He has amassed an army in the billions upon billions, and they charge through the galaxy. Lon, the mother of all gods, who locked away the Daemon in the first place, would lock the first Daemon that escapes away, so Kami seeks to free them all at the same time, allowing them to overwhelm Lon and all others who might oppose them.
    Against Kami rise the heroes of reality, Spirit, Tiny, Crow, Angel, Tyki, Kishin. Now, all that remains is for the final battle to arrive, and good and evil to clash in a final battle, deciding the fate of this reality.

    That was the end of it, folks! Everything beyond this point is IC. I'm not using double brackets because this is the Opening Post, but remember to do so in the future!
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  2. ((Angel! You're here! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Now to see if we can get the others on here.))
  3. (( Tinys comming... ))
  4. ((Tmi girl! TMI!))
  5. ((I've seen you guys on RPG. It works a little differently here; this actually goes in that section up there called 'Jump-In', given the way you're running it. Just a helpful hint.))
  6. ((Nice to be known (=
    Alright. Thank you very much! Do you have any idea how to move a thread?))
  7. ((Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand done! We're ready to roll! Now for Tiny to arrive...))
  8. ((So what must I do to join this rp?))
  9. ((Come on, Angel. Get into gear!))
  10. ((I'm new to this, but I'm pretty sure that with a Jump-In rp, you really don't have to do much. But hey, I'll just say what I always say, and hope it works.
    Please tell me what character you'd like to play, and I'll get you started. Name, abilities, and location would be useful. I'll try and fit you into the story.))
  11. ((Brackets! Edit in those brackets! Even in our old thread you had to use brackets, now don't get lazy because we have a new thread!))
  12. ((The name is Kezia. I'm not sure what abilities or locations your world has so whatever you need or want, I'd gladly do.))
  13. ((Hello my people. the dark king has arived....))
  14. (( Still bossy And im booooooored! ))
  15. ((Any. Like I said, anything is allowed. You could play Darth Vader, or Frodo, or a new character. I wouldn't recommend playing Frodo, though. There are magical rings, but they tend not to require volcanoes.))
  16. ((Yo Tiny! You're here! Nice to see you again!))
  17. ((We could go IC, or do an OOC roleplay, if you prefer.))
  18. ((Same to you my good man. I seem to have lost insanity on my way here so the ooc should be safe....))
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