HELLRAISER: Ancien Regime

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    Ancién Regime

    Tonight... the box will be opened...

    It is 1789. The Bastille has fallen and the peasants have marched on Versailles. King Louis XVI and his family have fled the National Assembly and taken refuge in Paris.

    The French Revolution has begun.

    But out in the countryside of Aquitane, news from the cities takes second place to a greater menace. There are whispers of witchcraft in the foothills of the Pyrenees and several young men and women have gone missing. Marquise de Seraphine, protector of the Aquitane region following her husband's death, is desperate to solve these mysteries. But with unrest growing amongst the peasants, it may not be long till she too becomes a victim of the Revolution.

    Her one hope lies across the border, where the Spanish Inquisition and Witchhunters uphold their crusade against evil. Only by calling on these ruthless and righteous mercenaries will she defeat the coven and their ancient weapons.

    Tonight... the box will be opened.


    This is a Chat RP, taking place on Friday 22nd at 10pm GMT (5pm EST).

    You play a servant in the fight against evil. This can be anything from a Spanish Inquisitor to a freelance witch-inder; a travelling priest to a knight of the Templar orders. This is a gritty realistic 18th Century setting, so magical powers are not allowed - only the power of faith, torture and intimidation. You are someone with a considerable reputation for getting difficult jobs done.

    As you may have guessed from the title, things will take a very dark turn. This roleplay is not for the squeamish (or for anyone who thought the sequels were cool).

    <table align=center><tr><td>[​IMG]<td>Name: Lucio Valdez

    Brief: An agent of the Spanish Inquisition, feared in the
    Pyrenees as a torturer and fanatic. Though he has no
    jurisdiction in France, the Marquise has assured him that
    the coven are operating on both sides of the mountain
    border. As such, he has received official orders to be the
    first investigator to the woman's claims.
  2. I'm indeed game, and also free on Friday.

    Count me in; character shall be up shortly.

  3. Marquise de Seraphine

    The Marquise of the Aquitane and widow of the late Marquis de Chanard. Shortly after her husband's death, a coven of witches made their presence known in the outskirts of her territory and have since made their way towards her manor. Seraphine fears for the souls of her subjects and will stop at nothing to put the members of this cult, and their leader, to God's divine justice.

    The Marquise and her subjects are plagued by the mysterious order Mangeur d'Oleander, a coven of fierce women responsible for the disappearance of several peasants and one noble woman. They are rumored to be in league with the devil and have in their possession a device which can summon the legions of Hell.

    Théroigne de Méricourt

    Leader of the Mangeur d'Oleander and a former radical from Paris, rumored to have made a pact with Lucifer himself to bring down the aristocracy and Ancién Regime.
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