Helloween Town (spelled wrong for a reson)

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    you stupid humans your taped now" A dark voice called out. "now your in there no coming out" the voice laughed harder and more eviler then the last. "you think you can leave then try but I must warn you. your not in a normale halloween town no no no this town is called HELLOWEEN" and with that the dar voice was gone and you where alone in the dark and the opening of the town that was called Hellowneen town.


    you are a person that just got kidnapped by the dark voice and put into the town. you need to find away out before the dakness comes out on the 31 or your stuck there forever. oh and if you die you die you can never come back. you even make a new friend.


    (i the master will not be killing anyone but if you want to leave the Rp you need to die or get out of the town)

    age: (12-19) ((i dont like the fact that I put 12 but for the drama i will do it JUST DONT KILL HER HURT HER PUT HER THROW HELL JUST DONT KILL HER T^T I WILL KILL YOU IF YOU DO T^T))
    bio: (dont need)
    personality: (dont need)


    Name: Luc
    age: 19
    personality:sweet, kind, caring. *real her you guys dont see* dark ,evil, twisted,

    ex: song for her
  2. Name: Keichii.

    Age: 18.


    Keichii may seem like a cold hearted boy because of his appearance, but is actually more quiet and shy-like. However, if you do get on his last nerves, he'll act like a complete psychopath, until he's calmed down a bit. But still doesn't trust people easily.



    (Song for him.)
  3. Name:
    Mimi is a very quiet person, and has problems with being touched by other people. If someone even tries to hug her, she'll often twist away before even a hand can be laid on her. If someone does end up getting close enough to touch her, though, she'll more than likely squeak and cringe away before running off.​
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.