Hellou Its a me Kroam



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So yeah Hellou my name is Kroam from Ice Cold Finland or actually no longer Ice Cold cause its now getting Ridiculously hot, but anyways I am new here and I would like to do so RPG'ing since I have played RPG games aswell on consoles and done some on sites (wich are now pretty much dead for some odd reason) and I have a pet dog named Pepita wich I like to baby talk so much and tease it xD cause its fuun. I also like all kinds of Musics Rock, Metal, some good techno and such. So yeah I hope I will have some Awsm RPG's with you guys :wink:


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Romance and smut are pretty much requirements for me at this point. Settings range from fantasy to historical fantasy to modfan, but I tend to stay within that umbrella. I have a soft spot for some fandom settings, but tastes with regards to those are specific.
Hiya mate~ *glomphug*

Welcome to Iwaku, hope you have fun man!


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Yay! A new European so I can have someone to talk to in the mornings! :D Welcome to Iwaku!