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Greetings members of Iwaku, I am Toria.
I like to roleplay but I prefer one on one. I was a member of the former Moonwings and haven't been on a forum/chat site since and decided to give it another try.
I am hoping to meet some old friends and make some new ones!

PS. I am crazy >8D
Fancy seeing you here! *fires poisonous gerbils at your face*
@Annabel: *sheilds with a platapus*

@Grumpy: Yeah I heard it's a requirement~ And thank you! ^_^
platYpus! DAMN IT! It's PLATYPUS!


...Also, welcome to the site. If you have any questions feel free to direct them to any of the staff, that's what we are here for. (amongst other things)
That's not how we spell it on my planet! xD
Nah sorry i didn't know I have a spell checker.
But thank you very much!
Welcome to the Iwaku, Toria!!!! >:D

Whee, you seem to know all the rules and such...so yeah...
*gives cupcake and runs off!*
Welcome to the site!

IF you need any help, contact me! Oh, and please, CALL ME TK.

Yet another person I can lure into roleplays with me?
Once you go Kitti...
*Throws Tori in to the Teriyaki vat!*
DIANA-SAMA!!!!! *goes to tackle but gets flung into Teriyaki* X____X
*pulls the Toria out of the teriyaki by the ear*

See you've already met Diana but allow be to say hi,

First step (though you don't have to do it now, relax a little in the teriyaki springs first is to fill out a ROLEPLAYER'S RESUME you can also brows the OOCs is you get bored of the cbox. My job here apart from projects is roleplay support so don't hesitate to ask me or Zypher if you have questions and I'll answer you will the full efficiency that the Adaptus Ministronum would be hard pressed to match. You'll find my office in the supply area of the Krieg 4th siege company, right next to all the medusa shells.

*scoops up some teriyaki and tastes it*

Diana I see you've sound new used for Myrn's leavings, nice going.
Hello and welcome to th...

Yah know what screw this I can't do this whole new thing any more... Screw what I said and what your going to day about what I said in that once other thread

Welcome to the Iwaju if you have nay questions just ask and we can help you

*walks off into the shadows*
Wow...what crawled up his ass and died....Anyways I'm Grandmaster Karsikan, GMK if you don't feel like typing, Resident Grey Knight, Slayer of Heretics and Daemons, and Alcoholic.

Welcome to Iwaku....you have been warned.