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  1. Let's jump right into this! HI! I'm Endee, also known as NecrosisDemon (deviantART mostly).
    I'm 28 years old, from the Netherlands and working with animals is my job! I get to bottle feed adorable baby goats for a living, be jealous.

    I've been RPing since 2002-ish, I still have my very first post saved on my PC and it is hilariously horrible.

    I strictly do one-on-one RPs only, most of my RPs are fandom based, and I play canon characters 9 out of 10 times.
    I do have an OC who is very dear to me (guy in my avatar/sig) buuutttt.. eh, I'm picky when it comes to him. :P I do most of my RPs on skype actually, but I miss the good old days when all my RPs were on forums, so I hope to get back into that.

    Other than writing, hobbies include art and gaming, with my favorite series being Assassin's Creed, Dragon Age, Dishonored and The Elder Scrolls.

    Obviously I like animals a lot; I own a bunny named Bunneh and a cockatiel named Loki, and I used to own four chinchillas and a tame hedge sparrow (seriously, he was the most amazing bird ever and thinking about him still makes me cry).

    I honestly don't know what else I could mention, but if you have any questions, ask away. ^^
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  2. Welcome Endee! Whoa! You have quite some years under your roleplay belt, that's awesome even better you have your first roleplay post. I can't remember what mine was.

    What kind of fandoms are you interested in doing? Also, would we be able to see a picture of Bunneh and Loki? (Curious lol)

    Out of the games you mentioned Dragon Age I've played, currently I'm on origins. I might try Inquisition eventually.

    If you need any help just ask, there are plenty of people here to help you navigate around the site.
  3. Welcome to Iwaku! I prefer one on ones myself. ^^ Can't say I've ever used Skype to play though!

    I ADORE Chinchillas, OHMYLAWD. *imagines rolling in Chinchillas*

    That would actually be a horrible idea.

    I hope you find some good stories to play here! ♥
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  4. @Surrender To Hope Thank you! Heh, my first RP was based on an anime that was popular back then, and me and my friends made the most basic RP mistakes, like, everyone was controlling everyone's character. Oh well, it worked out for us, the whole thing still lasted for nearly a year. I still read through it at times, it's cringe worthy but fun!

    Right now I'm mostly interested in something set in the Dragon Age universe, but my preference lies with either Dragon Age 2 and Inquisition - seriously, do play both as well once you're finished with Origins. Don't believe whatever filth people say about the second game, as it got a lot of flak on release - it's a GOOD, enjoyable game. People just hate it because it doesn't play like a carbon copy of Origins. Not saying that DA2 doesn't have flaws, it does, but every game does and it's not nearly as bad as some people in the fandom make it out to be. It has some extremely memorable characters, good story (and has the potential to be the most hilarious thing ever if played a certain way) and a lot of things that happen in DA2 tie in directly with what happens in Inquisition - the third game won't make much sense if you haven't played the second one. Having said that, Inquisition is awesome too!

    As for photos of Bunneh and Loki:
    Show Spoiler
    Bonus hedge sparrow because I MISS THIS LITTLE GUY SO MUCH.

    Thank you again, and if you need someone to fangirl with about Dragon Age, or if you have questions about it, toss them my way.

    @Puppet Ahaaaaa yes, more one on one people! Thank you. ^^ Skype is pretty decent for RP, but the problem with Skype is that I can only focus on one RP partner at the time because it's in real time, so that limits my options quite a bit. I've been RPing with the same person for years because of it, and while I have no intention of stopping, I really do want to meet some new people and hopefully get a few long term RP buddies out of it, so that is why I came here.

    That might be a horrible idea but HHHNNNGGG THE FLUFFINESS! I used to stuff all four of them under my shirt and they'd fall asleep in there. 10/10 would recommend. Just not in the summer.

    And because I'm already sharing photos...!
    Show Spoiler
    Twister (left) and Tornado (right), my long-tail sisters.
    Tsunami, my short-tail boy.
    He liked doing this, what I call Chinny Hand Hugs.
    Typhoon, Tsunami's and Tornado's hybrid daughter.
    "You're a chinchilla, Harry." "I'm a what?"
    Bonus three-days-old Typhoon with dumb captions because those were funny at the time.

    I hope to find one or two fun RPs soon as well! I'm excited! ^_^
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  5. Oh my God, I just died. I NEED one of those! *cries*
  6. @Endee
    It's always good to look back on where you started with roleplaying, for the memories. I commend you for still having yours.

    Ahh....thank you for telling me. I will have to get it. I don't know if I will play directly after but at least DA2 will be in my inventory. Oh, definitely, I will ask you questions. I just finished the Dalish mission.

    Bunneh is so cute and Loki too! All your pets, thanks for sharing.
  7. @Surrender To Hope Reading old RPs is a favorite past time, I have so many old RPs saved on my PC. It's a good habit to get into.

    I'm curious to hear about your warden character if you're willing to share?

    I'll be sure to tell them! :D Fuel for their egos.
  8. Oh sure. Her name is Nayritah, she comes from the Cousland family. I wanted to do the human on my first playthrough, I will probably do the elves next. When I have time I will take a picture so you can see. Her stats are moderate. I should have spent time building her persuasion because even if I try to persuade people it doesn't work. I let Morrigan go lol so my party is Wynne, Alistair, and Leiliana (forgot how it is spelled)
  9. @Surrender To Hope Aaaahhhh Alistair, precious little snowflake. He's adorable.

    I liked the mission/quest in the Circle, where you get Wynne, but oh man, I hated the part where you're stuck in the Fade so much. I'm never playing through that again, I use a mod that lets me skip it.

    I'd love to see a picture. ^^ My Amell looks like a walking icicle.
  10. @Endee

    Yes he is. I chose to have Nayritah engage in a relationship with him but after some major turns. The fade was so irritating and long! I agree with you! What mod did you use? Before the Circle of the Magi I went to Redcliffe, made a sacrifice of which Alister was not pleased so I had to start over go do the Circle mission in order to get Wynne THEN return to Redcliffe. I have my character's picture below.

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  11. @Surrender To Hope The mod in question is here: Skip the Fade.
    Though obviously you need to play the game on PC in order to use mods.

    Nayritah is a little hard to see but FIERY RED HEAD! <3 Much love, much love!
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  12. I had to keep cropping the photo. I may add the original to my media folder for a better look.

    I thought that was some downloadable content before. I see. I wish I could've skipped it too. I do have a question, maybe we should take it to your page or pm as it is a spoiler but where is that item to save Eamon?
  13. @Surrender To Hope You'll find the cure to save Arl Eamon through the Main Quest at some point. It's impossible to miss, you'll come across it eventually. You need it to finish the game.
    When you get the quest depends on the order in which you do the other main quests, so it's very much possible it hasn't even come up yet in your game.
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  14. Ahhh. That helps. I thought maybe I missed it. Well, I've completed Redcliffe, the Dalish, and the circle of Magi. I need to go to the dwarves or do some side quests first or develop my characters more.
  15. @Surrender To Hope I think it comes up when you go to Denerim, but I'm not sure. I haven't played Origins in years.

    The dwarf quest line is fun, but I remember it was looooooooong. And challenging.
  16. Ohhh. Cool. I thought about going there to, for Alistair but I decided not to.

    Longer than the Circle? Oh boy...that's best done on my day off from work haha!
  17. @Surrender To Hope Yeah, that might be a good idea, yeah. XD I always save Denerim for last myself, I like that part of the game the most.
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  18. Much longer. If I recall correctly, it's about the length of the Dalish Quest plus the Circle of Magi. I like to imagine my Warden has screamed in bitter frustration no less than four times.

    I also think I might be the only person who actually likes the fade quest. Even on replay.

    @Surrender To Hope
    Also, hello! I've recently finished Origins and am on my second run. If you want more people to talk to about it - I am always up for it. Especially as were both in the Origins boat. My aim is to avoid making my non-DA-fan-friends hate it by talking their ear off. :D
  19. @Leif
    Hey! I will definitely have to play on my day off and take breaks if it's that long. Gah!

    Another DA buddy, cool! Thank you. I wish there was a DA group on here where we can talk about it more. I don't want to ruin it for anyone who hasn't played plus @Endee your introduction thread is climbing in posts lol.
  20. There is a semi decent part to take a break if you can't manage it all at once.

    Unfortunately groups have been disabled for the time being. However, there are always PMs/conversations, which can have up to 20 members. Although spoilers also work for the non-ruining bit. ^^

    I really like your new avatar, by the way. Would you be able to link me to the full image or artist?
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