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  1. I go by Prince a lot but the names Red and B work as well.

    I am a whole lot of anime and video game trash. I love drawing (if you want me to draw you a thing you can ask yeah?) and I when i get into RPs i really get into them. I am mostly a yaoi m// RPer but I never shy away from new things and new horizon.

    I kinda pour a lot of time and energy into trying to understand and befriend the people I RP with as it motivates me to reply quicker and focus on better replies.

    I do group and one x one RPs and i'm always driving to contribute both NPCs and plot and twists to RPs.

    I've been RPing for a solid 11 years now and I feel old everytime I think about it. D| But most of the things I love to do are like dark and heavy or super light and fluffy as i'm also OTP trash. But twisted priests, deranged men more wicked than the most driven of hells demons, yandere boyfriends are my thing. Drama and action heavy RPs in giant robots or two manned space ships, near deaths, character deaths are sublime. Then like flip side cuddles all night and constant i love yous from established couples. oops.

    I also like making faces :0 because i feel like things come across better when I do.

    Please RP with me as I'm really looking fresh new people to kinda pal around with.
    Or you know. don't rp with me but say hi? (i'm bad at these things)
  2. Hello! I always feel old when I think about how long I've been RPing too but I checked your profile and thought, "wow, at least I'm not as old as him" Xp

    I'm not sure if our RPing lives will ever cross. I don't believe I've ever RPed anything to do with Yaoi. Though, I also hate anything historically accurate. Who needs facts. Am I right?

    I hope you have fun RPing here! n.n
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.